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6 DIY Methods You Must Avoid While Picking Locks

Nowadays, there are a lot of things that you can use DIY methods for, and a lot of people are embracing these methods because it saves time and it’s cost-efficient. But while it seems cost-efficient to try out DIY methods, there are times consulting a professional is non-negotiable. That includes when you experience a lockout.  

When you get locked out of your house or car, you may want to try DIY methods to gain access, but these DIY methods end up costing you more money than calling a professional. In this article, we’ll look at DIY methods you should avoid while picking locks and why you should call a professional instead. 


Lock snapping or cylinder snapping can be the first thing that comes to mind when you get locked out of your home. But snapping the lock will result in you damaging the lock or breaking the tool you’re using in the lock mechanism. In the end, the lock becomes useless and will require you to spend extra money on getting a new lock. Instead of going with this DIY method that will drain money out of your purse, call a Birmingham Locksmith at a lower cost. 

Picking Kit

If you’re familiar with lock picking or watched a tutorial, you may be tempted to purchase a picking kit on Amazon or the nearest store. We’d advise not to go with this method because these kits are made with low-quality materials that can easily break while picking the lock. Not just that, it cost more than the other DIY methods or calling a professional locksmith.


You may decide to borrow a drill from your neighbors (if you don’t have one), and attempt using the drilling method to open the lock. Unfortunately, this method is not guaranteed to work and will end up destroying your lock. Rather than drill your lock, call a professional locksmith.


Duplicating a key and keeping it in a safe, accessible place or with a relative may seem ideal because it will prevent lockouts and save you from unnecessary stress. Yes, you are right, but duplicating your key in a key kiosk or with an unprofessional locksmith may be a big threat to your security. So, if you’re thinking of duplicating your key, make sure you consult a professional and trusted locksmith.


Lock bumping is an old act employed by thieves and burglars to get unauthorized access to homes. It involves using a screwdriver and a key to bump the key pins into alignment above the shear lines. By doing this, the cylinder turns and unlocks the door. Using this method increases the chance of snapping the key into the lock. 


The last DIY method you may want to resort to is destroying the door to gain access to your home. But this may cause serious injury and force you to spend more money on repairing the broken door than calling a professional locksmith.

Whenever you experience a lockout, call a professional locksmith to handle it and stay away from DIY methods. Birmingham Locksmith Pro are just a call away to handle lockouts, key replacement, and other lock-related services.