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August Locks vs. Kevo Locks

The use of smart locks is fast becoming a familiar feature in homes and businesses. Thanks to improvements in technology aimed at enhancing security. With the installation of smart locks, you can customize your security experience and equally protect your loved ones and prized possessions.

In comparison to traditional locks, smart locks offer unparalleled functionality and security. While some utilize fingerprint scanners, others support digital assistants, mobile apps, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity, allowing for more remote access.

Smart locks are available in different designs and with a wide range of functions. Deciding what your needs are can be challenging. However, in this article, we have put together a review of two of the best smart locks - August Locks and Kevo Locks. The aim is to help you make an informed decision.

August Locks

August locks boast features that let your family and friends in but keeps the bad guys out. August locks are popular for a reason; they are easy to install without replacing your existing deadbolts. The design aids easy installation over a single-cylinder deadbolt lock,

A unique feature of the August smart lock is the in-built WiFi. This makes it possible to have control of your security with a smartphone. It is also compatible with many smart home products, like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Kevo Locks

The wireless touch-to-open Kevo lock is a uniquely designed smart lock that resembles an ordinary lock. From the exterior of your door, the Kevo lock replaces the traditional deadbolt panel, surrounded by a blue ring light.

The Kevo lock allows you to unlock your deadbolt by simply tapping it, thanks to the embedded Bluetooth technology that detects your smartphone as soon as you approach the door. Once close to the door, the blue light comes on, and you must tap the lock to unlock it.

The Kevo lock also comes with a key fob option for owners without a smartphone. The key fob works exactly like a smartphone and unlocks the Kevo locks when close by.

August Locks VS Kevo Locks

  • Installation:

The Kevo lock completely replaces your existing deadbolt, and it requires a complete change of the interior and exterior parts of your standard lock. However, the August lock is easier to install, as it replaces only the interior portion of the traditional lock. It retains the exterior part of the lock, therefore, limiting the attention of intruders.

  • Shared Access:

With August Smart Lock, unlimited sharing access is available. It means you have the option to share your lock access with family and friends without getting worried about lost keys. Kevo locks, however, have limited sharing access of 25 e-keys.

  • Security:

Both smart locks share similar security attributes. They have features that enable them open as the homeowner approaches the door. However, the only difference is that Kevo locks require a tap on the lock to gain access.


When choosing a smart lock, it is important to consider certain factors, such as smartphone compatibility, integration to your home system, and security preference. August locks are easy to install and afford you the option of retaining your keys. In contrast, Kevo locks provide a dual unlocking option of a smartphone and a key fob, including a security-conscious sharing access of only 25 e-keys.

The ball is in your court to make a choice! Nevertheless, if you are undecided, consult the expert locksmiths from Birmingham Locksmith Pro for assistance.