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Avoiding Locksmith Scams in Your Area

With the high rate of scam across every business, don’t be surprised that the locksmith industry also has its fair share of con men pretending to be professional locksmiths just to swindle you out of your money and get access to your homes, cars, and offices to commit theft.

Unfortunately, technology has made it easier for these scammers to pose as real, professional locksmiths. But not to worry, there’s always a loose end. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips to help you avoid locksmith scams in your area. Let’s get right into it.

Confirm the Location of the Locksmith

Most locksmiths provide services in their locality except they’re a national body that has chapters in different locations. Therefore, any locksmith that fails to provide their location or the description seems vague may likely be a scammer. These locksmith scammers most times use a local name for their websites just to convince poor victims. So, make sure to carry out adequate research on the location, check Google Maps, ask neighbors and if it’s necessary, drive to the location to confirm.

Check for Reviews

Reviews are one of the quickest ways to uncover a locksmith scam. Whenever you contact a locksmith agency, make sure to check their website for reviews left by actual persons. If you find none, then it’s best to withdraw your request. Now, another thing to note is that some of these locksmith scammers are smart and may have provided fake reviews on their websites. Therefore, in addition to checking their website, look up reviews on external feedback sites such as TrustPilot. If there are no reviews on these external feedback sites and the locksmith’s website as well, make a run for it.

Ask for an Estimate

Professional locksmiths will not hesitate to give you an estimate after understanding the problem. Always ask for an estimate before hiring a locksmith. If the locksmith is hesitant to drop an estimate or wave it aside by telling you to wait until the job is done, then you may have a scammer at hand. Also, beware of locksmiths that charges extremely low. The average charge of a locksmith should be around $60, so if the locksmith charges lesser, there’s a high possibility that he or she is a scam.

Beware of Cash-only Jobs

One of the methods these locksmith scammers employ is to request a cash-only payment so that there won’t be any proof. If possible, always make payment by card to have proof of workmanship, and if the locksmith insists on cash payment without giving a receipt, it’s best to withdraw.

Ask for ID

Request for the locksmith’s ID to confirm whether he is truly a professional. There are some states that mandates locksmiths to have their ID before rendering any service. Check if it is compulsory for locksmiths to work with their IDs in your state or municipality. However, if you need any locksmith service for your home, office, and vehicle call the experts at Birmingham Locksmith Pro.

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