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Benefits of The Panic Bar

Benefits of The Panic Bar

The panic bar was not a part of our daily lives and truly was invented in response to emergencies or tragic events. 

In recent times, the panic bars have become a main component of emergency doors. Structurally, it may not appear to anything special, but it has become a part of our lives. Panic bars are designed to be beneficial to everyone whether or not you’re a business owner, building manager, or a customer.

Before we proceed, it’s good you know the three main types of panic bars:

  • Contemporary Touch bar: This allows for the alarms and keycard admittance and fits a wide range of building styles.
  • Traditional Touch bar: This accommodates heavy use.
  • Economical Touch bar: This is the foremost basic panic bar which will fit code and safety requirements.

Some benefits you can get from installing panic bars include:

Safety and Extra Security 

Panic bars were designed as a way to enhance commercial and public building safety. They permit quick access for those inside a building while also providing necessary security. With the implementation of economic doors with panic bars, within the event of an emergency, there's less of an opportunity that occupants of the building are going to be trapped. 

As these devices are installed on the inside of building doors, they supply extra security as nobody can obtain access to the power from outside - creating a one-way organized safety exit.

Therefore, Panic exit devices offer an efficient way of evacuating a building ju0st in case of an emergency. 

Have you checked your building and there are no panic bars installed? Then, it’s time to call the experts from Birmingham Locksmith Pro for the installation of this rare security component.

Alarms for Extra Caution 

The recent designs of panic bars have an option for the addition of fitted alarms - for various purposes including notifying management of any unauthorized entrance/exit as well as providing a transparent and loud indicator to the security just in case of any emergency.

These exit devices are extremely effective - but make sure you procure proper installation from an accredited locksmith at Birmingham Locksmith Pro.


Panic bars are relatively inexpensive once you calculate the entire cost of insuring and boosting the safety of your properties/buildings and compare them with the risk associated with losing lives. One advantage of panic bars is that they come with a variety of options and are suitable for single and double doors.

Panic bars come as a main component of the many sorts of commercial doors allowing you the variability you would like to get a door that matches your needs. There are also many price options depending on the dimensions of your properties, but rest assured Birmingham Locksmith Pro is going to be of great assistance in assisting you to get the proper product that supports your requirements and budget. 

If you've got questions on what panic bar and commercial door will suit your needs, contact Birmingham Locksmith Pro. Our experts also ensure the proper installation of these Life-saving devices that makes for proper operation and provides safety to you and your loved ones.