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Benefits of Using Mobile Key Locks

Mobile key locks are an innovative way to secure your property without carrying keys or worrying about losing them. Mobile key locks eliminate the need for traditional keys; rather, they employ digital or virtual keys synchronized to your mobile device via a native app to serve as a key for unlocking your doors.

They are designed provide peace of mind for people who live alone, children who need supervision when they're home, and anyone who wants to feel more secure in their space. However, they are primarily employed in the hospitality industry to grant access to guest who stays for a short period. This article considers the advantages of mobile key locks and why they are a preferred alternative to conventional locks today.

Advantages of Mobile Key Locks

Historically, the plastic key card has been a brilliant invention in the hospitality industry. However, despite their reliability and low cost, they are subject to risks such as theft, loss, and demagnetization. Additionally, hotels must dispose of these cards carefully, increasing disposal costs and waste. 

Hospitality has reaped huge benefits from the recent boom in Bluetooth, NFC, and internet-enabled room keys, with large hotel chains making an immediate conversion to mobile key locks. Mobile key locks are a modern alternative to traditional key locks. Compared to a conventional key lock system, they offer many advantages, such as:

Better Security

It is possible for guests to gain access to the property using their phones, but it does not mean that anyone and everyone is welcome. Each guest is given an exclusive key that authenticates on their phone via a mobile app. The guest's room is locked at all times, and the key will only open the door for the period of their stay. After they exit the premises, the key will no longer function.

With mobile key locks, physical keys are no longer necessary. You do not have to worry about visitors leaving with the keys. Neither do you have to worry about replacing keys that have been lost or stolen, nor there's no chance that the key card will get into the wrong hands. Everyone, including the employees and the guests is safer.

Burglary Proof

Mobile key locks are arguably more secure than conventional locks, although it is simple to assume otherwise. There are probably more burglars who can pick a conventional lock than one who can hack into a mobile key lock. Lock picking is a skill anyone can learn via YouTube. However, breaking through the security system of mobile key locks will require skills and expertise, most of which the regular burglar does not possess.


Mobile key locks offer tremendous security advantages. With them, you can connect your smartphone, grant access through different access points, track your presence, enhance security, and enjoy convenience, variety, and remote security. The right mobile key lock for your home, business, or property is available on the market. However, with a plethora of options available, you may require the expertise of a professional in choosing the most suitable lock. Birmingham Locksmith Pro specializes in smart lock installation and can help you decide on the mobile key lock suitable for your home or business.