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Best Smart Doorbell Options

Best Smart Doorbell Options

Large tech companies are working hard on the living room of tomorrow, in which smart devices communicate with people. It has been predicted that due to the continuous creation of the big tech companies of this world, our homes will become completely smart in the coming years. To give them orders, we can now talk to these devices. One area of our human life that has been revolutionized by technology is the transition from a normal doorbell to a smart one.

A doorbell is a gadget commonly positioned at the entrance of a house. At the point when a guest presses a catch the ringer rings inside the structure, making the tenant aware of the presence of the guest. Despite the fact that the principal doorbells were mechanical, enacted by pulling a string, current doorbells are electric, worked by a pushbutton switch. Present day doorbells frequently consolidate radios and smaller than expected camcorders to expand security. With the invention of the "Internet of Things"(IoT), various web associated ringer frameworks, known as smart doorbells have become available. 
These, instead of the conventional press button, contain a HD camera, PIR sensor and Wi-Fi hardware. The gadget is associated with the home Wi-Fi system, and notifications of the presence of a guest are sent to your cell phone or other electronic gadget, for example, a tablet. 

The gadgets can be powered by an inward battery. The video is normally recorded direct to a cloud network access, implying that if the unit is tempered with, harmed or taken, then this incidence will be recorded and effective investigations can be conducted. Birmingham Locksmith Pro can help you set up any smart doorbell of your choice as we’ve got both skilled and experienced manpower to give that added security to your home. Let’s quickly look at some of the smart doorbell options available.

Best Smart Doorbell Options

The products we introduce to you in this article come from two superpowers. Nest is part of Google and Ring is now part of Amazon. We know Nest primarily from the smart thermostats, but they have also added security cameras to their arsenal.
We checked on different features of both smart doorbells on the following aspects: hardware, camera, installation, image quality, functionality with and without subscription, subscription costs and smart home integration options.

Nest Hello

Nest Hello offers the ability to recognize faces and can therefore announce who is at the door.
We appreciate the Nest Hello for its good image quality (thanks in part to the HDR camera), the possibility of facial recognition and the integration with Google Home. Its features include:

  • Excellent integration with Google Home
  • Face recognition
  • Excellent WiFi connection

Ring Pro

The Ring Pro is clearly the lesser of the Nest Hello in terms of specifications and functionality; the outdated WiFi in particular is a disappointment. However, it is easier to install and the subscription costs are much lower.

  • No Google Home integration
  • (Slightly) lesser image quality than Nest Hello
  • Moderate, outdated WiFi 
  • Easy installation
  • Modest subscription costs
  •  Affordable

If you want any of these set up for you, quickly reach out to Birmingham Locksmith Pro and we’ll send you one of our best professionals who’ll give you great value for your money and a memorable experience.