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Can I Replace My Car Fob?

Technology evolution has radically transformed the complexities and functions of electric-powered devices. Like cars and motorcycles, modern electric-powered devices are being upgraded with unique functionalities to improve the overall customer experience. Car fobs are upgraded versions of traditional car keys. They are designed to offer multiple functionalities that enhances convenience and boost security. What happens when you lose or damage them? Is getting a car fob replaced as easy as getting a traditional car key replacement?

Yes, you can replace your car fob, however, you will need to consider several factors before going ahead to do so. One of the factors you may want to consider is the cost of getting a car fob replaced. It is no surprise that car fob replacement services are more expensive than traditional key placement services. Also, you will need to contact an auto locksmith service provider like Birmingham Locksmith Pro or a car dealership to get your car fob replaced.

Troubleshoot With Your User Manual Guide

If you think that your car fob is damaged, you should try troubleshooting it with your user manual guide before reaching out to a car dealer or auto locksmith. However, you should know that contacting a professional is the safer option. Some user manual guides contain step-by-step guides on how you can reprogram your car fob on your own.

Car Fob Replacement Service Options

Here are some options you can consider if you need a car key replacement service:

Reach Out to Car Dealership

The first option you can explore if you want to replace your car fob is reaching out to a car dealership. Although this option is reliable, getting your car fob replaced by a car dealership can be pretty expensive since you are requesting a replacement service from an official dealership.

Also, getting a car key replacement service from a dealership takes more time than getting your keys replaced by an auto locksmith. After you get your new car fob from your dealership, you can request a fob programming service at an additional cost.

Purchase a Car Fob Online

Car fobs can be purchased from some online stores. However, you will still need to contact an auto locksmith or car dealership to program your car fob. Without the right programming service, your car fob cannot start your car’s ignition. This programming service will attract additional charges.

You should keep in mind that online products aren’t as durable and reliable as physical ones. Hence, you may get a cheaper fob in an online store, however, it might not work properly after programming.

Contact an Auto Locksmith

Professional auto locksmiths are the next options you can explore if you need a car fob replacement service. Unlike car dealerships, auto locksmith services, hence, allowing you to reach out to them during emergencies. Also, getting your car fob replaced by an auto locksmith is more affordable than car dealerships.

Final Words

At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, our team of skilled and experienced locksmiths is always on standby to offer efficient professional locksmith services. We offer the highest quality services and you will be surprised affordable our services could be. Contact us today.