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Car Security Tips to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

The cases of car theft are on the rise. That is why safeguarding your car requires you to become familiar with common wiles of carjackers. To prevent your car from being hijacked or stolen, we have a couple of security tips for you. Besides, our expert automotive locksmiths can help you with any key or lock issue to bolster up the security of your vehicle.

Lock Your Doors at All Times

Endeavor to lock your car doors whether the car is in motion or at rest. The former is especially important because carjackers have a plethora of skills to take over a vehicle even when the driver is behind the wheel. 
Though locking all the doors of your car when parked might seem commonplace, life could actually get in the way, causing you to commit the common mistake of leaving the doors unlocked. Even when you are moving away for a brief moment, make sure to always check the door is actually locked.

Keep Your Car’s Windows Up

To prevent car theft, keeping your car windows closed works hand in hand with locking the doors. A thief might enter a car through rolled-down windows and hot-wire the car afterward. To prevent a situation like this, always ensure to keep your car windows up. But what about hot and sunny days? A rule of thumb is to keep the windows down while on city streets and roll them up as well as turning on the air conditioning when you hit the highway.

Avoid Parking in the least Secure Spaces

Parking your car in low-traffic or isolated areas may increase the likelihood of the car getting stolen as you won’t always be physically there to watch over the car. Also, don’t ground your car in areas that are dark or poorly lit; instead, embrace parking your car under a street light, near a storefront that has good lighting, on a thoroughfare, etc. Because car thieves and criminals alike get repulsed by visibility, a car thief would be more likely to be deterred if your car is too visible.

Have a Car Alarm System Installed and Working

A car alarm system is designed to sound a siren when someone causes an impact on the car. The sound can help deter a thief from proceeding with their intention of stealing the car. This can also alert bystanders to come to your aid. While this important security feature comes pre-installed in some cars, you may have to get it installed by a qualified auto locksmith if the feature is lacking in your vehicle.
Learning how to protect your car and putting into use what you’ve learned is just as important as learning how to drive and driving the car. We hope that the above car-theft prevention tips will help you to keep your car safe either when on the road or parked somewhere.

And if you’re looking to install a smart alarm system in your vehicle, duplicate your car key, sync a fob key to your car, program a transponder key, or get any other automotive lock-related job done, contact us now at Birmingham Locksmith Pro to get the help you need.