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Choosing The Right Warehouse Lock

In the absence of security cameras and guards, the warehouse locks remain your first line of defense against criminals. That is why the top priority of every business manager should be to choose the right lock for their warehouse.

Nevertheless, we have put together a few tips to help you choose the right locks for your warehouse and guarantee the complete security of your valuables. If you need extra help on the right lock suitable for your security concerns, call the experts from Birmingham Locksmith Pro for assistance.

Here are a few tips to help you buy the right lock and keep your warehouse safe:

  •      To reduce the chances of a break-in, use a combination of different warehouse security measures.
  •      Active warehouse security, such as cameras and security guards, should not replace warehouse locks; they should instead complement them.
  •      Create a line of defense at every entrance of your warehouse.
  •      Despite having the best security cameras and guards, always ensure that only strong and patent-protected locks are used. 

Different types of locks for warehouses

Most warehouses use the perimeter gates as a barrier and first line of security. These gates are secured using padlocks. It is, therefore, important that selecting a padlock for your warehouse should be based on the quality of the shackles and the complexity of its locking mechanism.
However, you must keep in mind that perimeter gates require chains to aid locking with a padlock. Hence, a strong padlock attached to a weak chain is ineffective, as intruders can easily breach it.

Since the use of padlocks is unlikely to extend beyond your perimeter security, it is best to consider fastening the padlock to a chain of equal strength and a strong support structure that makes it impossible to breach.

Door Handles
Door handles or keyed knobs are most often found on interior doors. As a minimum security measure, it is recommended that your warehouse doors have locks built into the handles.
Nevertheless, door handle locks are not very effective in keeping out experienced criminals due to the design of their lock cylinders. Door handle locks are made up of a lock cylinder that triggers a spring-loaded latch. However, you can use a credit card or any similar item to trigger this latch.

Hence, most criminals focus on depressing the spring-loaded latch rather than the handle hardware and lock cylinder. Therefore, for added security, door handles should be accompanied by deadbolts.

A deadbolt is a sturdy lock that possesses excellent features, which allows it to withstand intense forces without being compromised: making it suitable for security doors.
Similar to any other structure, warehouses rely heavily on deadbolts for security. Most criminals employ destructive force to break into a warehouse, and a deadbolt is specially built to withstand such excessive force.
It is advisable to use deadbolts on all exterior doors, particularly the doors that protect valuables or entries that are relied on for security.

Final Notes

Choosing the right lock for your warehouse would go a long way to guarantee the safety of both valuables and your employees. Nevertheless, if you do not know the right locks to use, you can contact Birmingham Locksmith Pro for immediate help. Over the years, we have assisted hundreds of businesses in making better security decisions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our trusted locksmiths are committed to ensuring the safety of your business.