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Common Door Lock Problems

Common Door Lock Problems

Doors, your access into and out of rooms and buildings are integral parts of your property. Their working condition is also crucial for your property’s security. Understanding common door lock problems can be the difference between safety and harm. While many homeowners and businessowners will say that they have dealt with door lock problems, there is less urgency than there needs to be. Though there are minorly inconvenient door issues, some door problems are too serious to ignore. Birmingham Locksmith Pro has enough experience in the industry to tell you that dealing with the following door lock problems sooner than later can save you from huge headaches down the line.

Loose Door Locks, Knobs, And Handles

There are a lot of moving parts in a door lock and the different components work together to hold the system together. Over time, door lock parts will loosen up and degrade with use. Though most loose locks, knobs, and handles will seem like a minor inconvenience at worst, ignoring them can be dangerous. At a certain point, the loose knob may not turn, and the lock may not unlock. You can imagine how this would be a catastrophic problem in the event of a fire or emergency. Further, more than half of break-ins are through forced entry. Loose locks are much easier to break into with brute force. 
The fix for this problem is fairly simple and can even be a good DIY project. Begin by trying to tighten connecting screws and parts. If it turns out that these parts are worn or broken, then head to a local hardware store to buy replacements and install them. If you need a professional locksmith in Birmingham AL, call Birmingham Locksmith Pro for quick and reliable service.

Misaligned Door Locks

Door locks are designed to line up with the door locks strike plate. Improperly installed doors and warping due to water damage or climate can lead to misaligned door locks. If the lock is misaligned, then you will experience difficulty with locking the door. Sometimes you might have to give the door an extra push or lift while locking and other times the door might not lock at all as the latch or bolt does not line up with the strike plate. Over time, the problem only gets worse. There is a chance that it is not the lock but rather the door that is misaligned. Tightening the screws in the hinges may resolve the issue. You can also try adjusting the locks strike plate. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call Birmingham Locksmith Pro.

Jammed Locks

A jammed lock or door is fairly common but should not be ignored. Locks can jam for many reasons including a buildup of debris or a broken latch or lock bolt. This problem should be addressed at its root rather than forcing your key as your key can break in the lock. Try clearing the keyhole with some lubricant or WD-40. If that does not work and the problem is a broken latch or lock bolt, then you may want to call the professionals. Birmingham Locksmith Pro is always available to take your call.