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Difference Between Rekeying and Replacing Your Locks

Updating the lock mechanism or replacing the entire lock are ways to ensuring the safety and security of your home. However, most homeowners find it difficult to understand the difference between rekeying and lock replacement. More so, when users see these two options, they make a decision based on their budget and available information.

Take a moment to learn a bit more from Birmingham Locksmiths Pro on the difference between the two.

Rekeying - What exactly is it?

To rekey a lock is categorized as a simple step for any qualified locksmith in Birmingham AL. This task should take less than 10 minutes. The specific task involves taking out the cylinder from the current lock mechanism. Though it may sound simple, but you need an expert to ensure everything works perfectly. The next step brings you to changing the pin which involves taking out the entire lock from the door, and updating the older pins with the newer set of pins. 

Now, you have removed the lock and also the pins, but what's next? 

The experts from Birmingham Locksmiths Pro will analyze the key with a program to understand the actual key structure or depth. This allows us to correctly choose the right pins for the job. Luckily, our locksmiths are highly equipped with digital tools to help get the job done quickly, and correctly.

After the analysis and proper understanding of the size of the pins, the same set can be applied to every lock in your home or commercial business. After the rekeying service, all your locks will be fortified and also work perfectly. Most of the time, choosing to rekey locks will save a ton of cash, and give you both protection and satisfaction.

Lock Replacement

One of the major reasons to change a home or office locks is protection. Some other reasons could be:

  • Ensuring that the former tenants don’t have access
  • Installing new locks with an updated sense of security.
  • Compromised lock due to a break-in
  • Lock upgrade

No matter the reason, when it comes to lock replacement, increasing safety is the most paramount. If you consider the actual cost of buying and installing a new lock, it can be a burden for your wallet. But the cost of a new lock heavily depend on many factors like style of lock, color, brand, etc. Keep in mind, it is important to get a brand which is known for durability.

Therefore, if you want lock replacement because the older one has been compromised or you want to change from traditional to electronic or smart locks, call expert locksmith from Birmingham Locksmiths Pro. On the other hand, if you have opted for rekeying because your keys are missing or lost completely or you prefer a new set of key for your lock, our experts are always at your service.

Over the years, we have helped home and business owners in DHS and surrounding areas to optimize the security of their homes and business location. If you have further about lock installation or rekeying, feel free to call our customer service