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Different Types of Car Keys and Their Costs

The car lock is the first layer of security for any vehicle and thus, must be given its needed attention to avoid easy break-ins by burglars. Remember, you’ve spent a significant amount in the acquisition and maintenance of your car so as to ensure its longevity. Therefore, it is vital to provide adequate security for your investment.
There are certain situations when you may need to replace your vehicle keys. The transponder may quit reacting, the key could break in the start, taken, or perhaps the keys were essentially lost. Recognizing what sort of key you have is useful in foreseeing the potential expenses for replacing lost, taken, or broken keys. 

It is in view of this that Birmingham Locksmith Pro have come to provide you with that added layer of security needed to ensure the safety of one of your prized possessions-your car.
Some of the exquisite car locks that is needed to ensure adequate security include:

Mechanical (AKA Transponder) Keys

These are your conventional vehicle keys. You stick in the ignition, turn and go. Here is the reality. The mechanical and/or transponder keys are designed with a microchip in the key handle, and are more secure than the conventional vehicle key. Transponder vehicle keys have been utilized since 1995. When embedded into the ignition, a sensor reacts with the transponder to activate it. 

The cost to duplicate a transponder key is somewhere in the range of $40 to over $100. To replace altogether, a vendor may charge around $250, while setting off to a locksmith Birmingham Alabama will be more affordable. Birmingham Locksmith Pro can get this done at a very affordable rate.

Another sort of transponder key is the moving code key. It was invented and introduced to vehicle manufacturers in 1999. This key sends another code each time the vehicle is utilized, ensuring the vehicle safety and functionality. This type of keys works efficiently but acquiring them could pricey. They cost around $500 or more per key. 

The Master Key

The popularity of master keys have diminished but they were recently used by vehicle sale centers to develop replacements for certain type of keys. 
Nowadays, the data utilized for programming vehicle master keys are put away in a focal database so master keys are not gotten all the time. However, in case you're purchasing a fairly-used vehicle that utilizes a Master key, ensure you’re provided with all the accessories. 
On the average, the cost of master keys are typically in the range of $100 and $250. Supposing you lose the Master key then you may need to replace the entire car-lock system, which won't be too pocket friendly.

Valet Key

A few vehicles come with a key explicitly for valets. This key permits the car owner to give a key to a valet that will just open the doors and start the vehicle. It can't open the storage compartment, glove box or perform other varied functions. 

Valet keys are quoted around $64 to $100 but the cost depends on the brand and model of the car.
These are just some of the best car keys available. You can contact us for any car key specification you desire to be installed in your vehicle and surely be at your service. Our local locksmiths are also available for broken key extraction, auto lockout services, duplicate key services and ignition key installation and repairs.