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Essential Features to Look for When Choosing a Smart Lock

Wouldn’t it be awesome to access your home after a hectic day without fumbling or searching for your keys? What about knowing who is at the door with the aid of your smartphone while sitting on the armchair or lying on the bed? The good news is that you can enjoy unimaginable convenience and security because of the installation of smart locks. So how can you get the right smart locks that will meet your needs as well as improve the security of your home?
Here are some essential features every home or business owner should look for when choosing a smart lock.

Lock Type and Standard Ratings

The first consideration while searching for a smart lock should be the quality of the lock and standard ratings. This is because the provision of security is the main purpose of using a lock. You can choose from the three types of smart locks – deadbolt, lever, and mortise. Though there is a slight difference between the three types of smart locks, the deadbolt and mortise are popular and preferable.
When it comes to determining the quality of the lock, the recommended three standard quality is set by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA)
The rating was based on the strength of the material and the ability of the locks to withstand picking, lock bumping, or other physical attacks.
The ANSI rating is of three levels or grades. The locks categorized as grade 1 are mostly designed to be used in commercial buildings and also at the front doors of residential buildings. They are your perfect choice when looking for locks with durability, resilience, and latch duration. Grade 2 locks are a perfect fit for residential buildings while grade 3 locks are for non-security considerations.

Battery Power

Most smart locks in the market operate on a rechargeable lithium-ion cell. Some products also work with AA alkaline batteries. As a homeowner, ensure that the smart lock you intend to buy use either type because battery life should be an essential feature that determines the longevity of the smart lock.
Searching for a particular type of lock and reading online reviews will give you knowledge of the battery life. However, we recommend that you go for smart locks that use the rechargeable lithium-ion cell.

Remote Access and Advanced Features

If you can’t monitor your locks from anywhere in the world, then it isn’t smart! You should go for a lock that allows you to remotely open or close your door. A good smart lock should have the capability to let users add permanent and temporary users and set limitations. Ensure that the lock isn’t using Bluetooth connectivity which requires certain proximity for it to operate.

Integration of Alarms

A smart door lock with alarm is a home security feature you should not neglect. Consider smart locks that give out buzz alerts when there is a security threat – when someone tries to manipulate or tamper with the locks. Smart locks with alarms open up a new realm of possibility in home security you need to enjoy!

Go for a Professional Help

If you’re still figuring out the type of smart lock that will fit your need, we’d suggest you consult a pro from Birmingham Locksmith Pro. Our local locksmith will be happy to help because we are committed to customer satisfaction.