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Everything You Need To Know About High-Security Door Locks

Regardless of where you live, rising crime rates are a challenge. It is impossible to predict when or if your home or business will be burgled. As a result, many are installing high-security locks in their homes and business to enhance their safety. However, some people are still on the fence about purchasing these high-security door locks because they need to know what sets them apart from other locks on the market and how they might benefit from them.

To help make an informed decision about high-security door locks, this article explains all you need to know about high-security door locks.

What are High-Security Door Locks?

The primary purpose of high-security door locks is to keep your property and yourself safe. Locks, in general, are designed to prevent entry by unauthorized individuals; however, high-security locks take this function to a new level. These locks are designed to resist picking, drilling, and the common technique of lock bumping employed by criminals rather often. These locks are intended to resist picking, drilling, and the common lock bumping technique employed by criminals.

High-security door locks are also manufactured from the hardest materials that can be found, which means that in addition to being long-lasting, they are also quite sturdy. These locks provide security against bypassing thanks to the considerable metal composition in their construction. This indicates that they are incredibly tough to crack or get around because of their design. In certain instances, the lock may even come with patented keys, further restricting who can use it.

Where To Install High-security Locks

Whether you intend to upgrade the security of your home or business, you must determine how many of these locks you need and where they should be installed. In most cases, you will only need to put these locks on the exterior doors of your property. This may be done if you have a home office or any other space you want to protect further, but it is only sometimes required. On the doors to your bathroom and bedroom, high-security locks are unnecessary.

In a professional context, these locks may be installed on outside doors and those leading to restricted or private areas. This is an excellent method for restricting client or guest access.

Benefits of High-Security Locks

Keyway Restriction

The loss, theft, or duplication of keys has been a problem for many business owners. A restricted keyway system is a security feature of high-security locks that prevent unauthorized duplication.

Drill and Pick Resistant

Locking mechanisms correspond with pins. High-security door locks can only be opened by a skilled locksmith with special tools.


It is possible to customize high-security door locks to suit your specific needs. They can be customized for each location if you have multiple locations to secure.


Compared to conventional locks, high-security door locks offer better security benefits. Whether it is for your home or business, choosing to upgrade your locks to high-security door locks will better secure your home and business. Birmingham Locksmith Pro specializes in helping you decide on the most suitable high-security door lock. Our dedicated locksmiths are experts at door lock installation and can help you make a seamless transition from conventional locks to high-security locks.