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Facts About Using Multiple Locks with the Same Key

It is common for homes to have front and rear doors leading into the living room from the garage or porch. To increase security, each of these entrances is protected with a lock. It is common for property owners to have all of the locks on their property keyed identically so that they can be unlocked with a single set of keys rather than having to open each lock individually.

Locks and keys that are keyed alike have become increasingly popular for homes and businesses, thanks to the convenience and security benefits they provide. Multiple locks with the same key are a familiar security feature. However, many home and business owners need to be aware of this security option. This article considers multiple locks with the same key and the facts associated with using them.

Multiple Locks with the Same Key

Multiple locks with the same key also referred to as keyed alike, is a locksmithing term that refers to multiple locks that can be opened with the same key. This is based on the fact that they share the same internal pattern. A new set of keyed alike door locks can be purchased, or you can retrofit and rekey your existing ones. Having a single key for multiple locks may be more practical if your house has many entrance and interior doors.

Reasons for Having Multiple Locks with the Same Key

Lock Upgrade

When replacing old locks with newer, more complex ones, most homeowners find it simple to make them accessible with one master key.

Lost Keys

If you have recently misplaced your door keys, anybody who finds them might obtain unlawful access to our property. Changing locks with the same key looks like a smart move when doing so is necessary.

Moving To a New Apartment

When moving into a new apartment, it is difficult to establish how many persons have keys to the locks. Changing all locks and keying them similarly simplifies and protects your family.

Are Multiple Locks With The Same Key A Good Option?

In most cases, homeowners key their locks alike for convenience. Carrying multiple keys, including those for your house, vehicles, and perhaps your job, on a keychain can be a hassle. You need to label each key to know which locks fit, and you must search through all the keys on your key ring to find the key that fits a particular lock. A keyed-alike system eliminates these hassles and allows you to use just one key for all your locks.

However, using keyed-alike door locks can cause more problems than they are worth in several situations. This is because the single key may get stolen, lost, or duplicated by criminals. Your susceptibility to unauthorized key use and bump keys is only increased when you have door locks that are keyed identically. Therefore, there may be better choices than keyed similar locks if you have had previous break-ins or burglaries in which there was no evidence of forced entry.

Wrapping up

Multiple-keyed locks with the same keys offer several advantages in ensuring your home's security. However, you may require the services of a locksmith to discuss if it is suitable for your home or business. Not all locksmiths provide keyed-alike services. Nevertheless, you can rely on Birmingham Locksmith Pro to provide residential and commercial keyed-alike locks services. Contact us today.