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Facts You Did Not Know About Locks & Keys

Facts You Did Not Know About Locks & Keys

Locks and keys are important in our daily lives. Without them, burglars would find it absolutely easy to break into our homes, commercial properties, and vehicles. Most people know that locksmiths help with lock & key issues such as lockouts, broken locks, broken & stuck keys, and many more. But there's much more to the art of locksmithing than just lock installation and repair.
Let’s look at the fascinating facts about locks & keys.

  • Locksmithing has been around for over 4, 000 years
  • This art dates back to over 4,000 years ago, and it is believed to have started in Egypt and Babylon. It's considered one of the oldest professions alongside toolmaking, farming, and building. During that time, Egyptian locksmiths created wooden locks and keys that were bulky and cumbersome to use. Later on, the art spread to China, Rome, Greece, and other parts of the world.
  • The oldest lock was found near Ninevah, Egypt - The oldest lock is believed to be created around 4000 BC by the time it was found in Ninevah by archaeologists. The lock was large, made with wood, and worked in a similar way as the locks we use today. 
  • Pavlovo Arts College in Russia invented the largest padlock ever - The largest padlock of all time was created by students at the Pavlovo Arts College. The padlock holds the Guinness World Record for the largest padlock of all time. It weighs 916 lbs. (415.491 kg), including the key, measures 56.8 inches x 41.3 inches x 10.2.
  • The first locksmiths in Egypt protected the tombs of rulers in the pyramids of Giza - Tombs of rulers in Egypt were targets for grave robbers in ancient times, so locksmiths were assigned the role of protecting Egyptian rulers’ tombs.
  •  A locksmith betrayed King Louis XVI - King Louis XVI (1754-1793)—the last king of France was friends with Francois Gamain, the royal locksmith. King Louis XVI had asked Gamain to build him an iron chest with a special lock to secure crucial documents but the royal locksmith exposed the chest which led to the king’s ouster.   Harry Houdini was a locksmith before he became a renowned escape artist
  • When he was 11, Harry Houdini worked for a local locksmith in his hometown. He quickly learned the trade to become a knowledgeable locksmith. The first combination lock was created in 1857
  • James Sargent—an American locksmith and entrepreneur created the first combination lock ever. Sargent’s locking mechanisms have greatly shaped the combination locks we use today.  
  • Yale & Towne Manufacturing was the first locksmith company in the U.S.

The company was founded in 1868 by Linus Yale, who later invented the tumbler lock. Yale & Towne exported locks to many countries around the world. The company was closed in 2001.  
There you have it. These are some of the interesting facts about locks & keys you probably didn’t know. 
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