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Finding the Right Commercial Safe

Now that someone has broken into your company safe, you are likely trying to figure out what to do next. No doubt, you have important things to store away and keep out of the hands of the wrong people. If this is the case, we can tell you that at Birmingham Locksmith in Birmingham, AL, we know which safes work best. We’ll consult with you to find out what you need the safe for and make our recommendations based on this information. Give us a call today and you won’t have to worry about whether or not your making the right choice because we’ll provide you with all of the relevant information necessary to make a well-informed decision.

What you shouldn’t do is buy a safe simply because someone else has it. Your safe may not be for needed for the same reason. You might have something that is of more value than they do and besides that, the safe they use might not be a commercial safe. These are things to consider whenever someone suggests that you buy a certain safe. Safes give you peace-of-mind and most importantly they make sure that your valuables are properly and safely stored. If you’re about to buy a safe for the first time, make sure it is well worth the investment and does what you need it to do.

Below you will find a list of some of the most widely used commercial safes.

Office Safe – This is a safe that holds valuable documents. It could be anything from client information, patents, contracts or any other type of confidential information. A safe helps to protect these things and gives makes them accessible to you when you need them. An office safe is also a good place to put money until you have the time to take it to the bank.

Cash Safe (Under the counter) – If your business takes in money on a daily basis this will require you to have a safe to store the money and receipts in until you can deposit it in a bank. An under the counter cash safe is the best choice for you. They are not very expensive and yet they give you the level of security you need. This is a good investment for anyone with a business that deals with cash. They have them at various prices to suit the budgets of every business.

Multiple User Safe – This type of safe usually has a keypad lock so that the code can be given out. This is good for businesses where more than one person needs to have access to the safe. If you want to give management access to the safe or a business partner, this is the type of safe that you should consider. Some are designed to track who has been in and out of the safe and when. This means better security for those important documents.

Fireproof Safe – You might not know this but not every safe will give you fire protection. There are fire safes that keep your valuables protected for up to two hours in temperatures that could get rather high. They also help protect your valuables from water damage also. When buying a safe, we would highly recommend that you ask the salesperson if it is fireproof.

Data Safe – This is what will be needed in order to protect your backup files. There is really no use in your backing things up on your computer if you can’t still protect them once you have them downloaded. This type of safe protects various types of electronic media in the event of a fire. If you’re not able to go to an off-site storage facility, you’ll need something that you can use to store data safely.

Some businesses do not realize how susceptible they are to having important information stolen until it is too late. This is why some businesses do not go through the effort of backing up their files and do not have the security features in place to protect their customer’s information. The flip side is that many businesses take the appropriate measures to protect their building, parking areas or their offices but they don’t give too much though to how they can and should protect important information. This is something that can be a really costly mistake. If someone were able to get into your system and extract valuable information, such as social security numbers or other important information, you could be held liable.

Things to Consider Placing in a Safe

Since there are a wide selection of commercial safes that are offered today at various prices and which offer different functionality, there is no reason you should have to go without one. When you’re trying to figure out what type of safe to purchase, consider the following:

  • You’ll definitely want to find one that will fit your budget
  • Have your commercial safe professionally installed
  • Make sure the manufacturer offers you fast and efficient follow-up service whenever necessary
  • Make sure you and everyone who has access to the safe if well aware of how the safes features work

When you are looking for a professional locksmith service to help you find and install the right commercial safe, look no further than Birmingham Locksmith Pro to get the job done. This makes sense because we are a reputable and trustworthy local locksmith service. If you just allow anyone to install your safe, they may come back later to take things that they are not authorized to have access to. Making a good decision about your new safe will make it worth the effort you put forth in the beginning. In other words, it will be time well spent. We want you to know that we are here to help you find the right safe for you and your needs. Don’t go without a safe simply because you don’t know what to buy. We have your back.