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Four Reasons to Upgrade Your Front Entry Lock

Your home security should not be threatened by inferior or compromised locks in a world filled with many concerns. Locks provide the first line of defense against burglaries or unauthorized intruders. There are a lot of home burglaries today, and an unknown stranger does not always commit them. It might well be someone you know who enters your home illegally. It could be an ex-roommate, a former tenant, or even a former spouse.

Taking an active approach to home security begins with upgrading your front door lock. Your door locks protect your house and add style and functionality. To secure your home and doors, you need top-quality locks. If you're looking for improved security or want to enjoy new lock features, upgrading your locks is an excellent idea. Here are four reasons to upgrade your front door lock.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Front Door Lock

You Moved Into a New Home

It is impossible to know whether other people have duplicate keys to your house, even if the builder gives you keys to both the front and back doors. Numerous builders use industry-standard construction locks, and they recycle these utility locks from home to home throughout the construction process.

Their subcontractors and suppliers provide service keys for the construction locks, which facilitates daily building access. After the project, a professional builder will replace the construction locks with homeowner-only locks, but you have no way of knowing who else may have keys.

A Break-in

Break-ins are a severe violation of one's privacy and may be emotionally distressing and financially costly. When a break-in occurs, you must assume that the perpetrators now possess a copy of your keys. You shouldn't take the risk even if you have a tight inventory and believe all keys are accounted for. There is no assurance that your keys are not in the wrong hands. Replacing your locks is a way to reduce the likelihood that they may return to steal your other possessions.

Numerous break-ins are performed by manipulating, picking, or bypassing the locks. If this was the method of entry, it indicates that your locks are substandard and that the break-in might be readily replicated. Additionally, locks are broken during break-ins, making them more susceptible to future forced intrusions.

Missing Keys

Sadly, misplacing your keys is something that can happen. When you lose your keys, you believe someone else has access. When your keys are misplaced, it is possible to get into the wrong hands, and it might only be a matter of time before an unauthorized entry happens. Rather than leave it to chance, it is best to upgrade your front door lock.

Worn-out Locks

Locks deteriorate. As with any device with moving parts, locks are susceptible to normal wear and tear. Years of constant turning and twisting will ultimately cause the failure of front door locks. Moreover, old, worn-out locks are simple to pick, and intruders are aware of this and use it to their advantage.

New locks are difficult to pick, rendering them inaccessible without the proper key. Hence, upgrading worn-out locks is a good idea to guarantee security.


Upgrading your front door locks is a top security option that must not be ignored. It is an option that helps you guarantee security while keeping your home up to style. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, our experts can assist you with any high-security lock installation to make upgrading your front door lock seamless. Whether it is an emergency or a long-term project, contact us if you have any questions regarding upgrading the locks on your property.