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Great Features of Amazon Alexa for Your Home

Amazon's Alexa has become a household name for a good reason. It is one of the most valuable inventions in recent times by Amazon. ‘Alexa’ is a virtual assistant which allows you to interact with the various functions of your home smart devices through voice commands. Alexa can control your lights, thermostat, make to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, and even deliver news and current sports scores.

Do you want your home to be more interactive, here are some of the great features from the retailer you need to check out!

Amazon Alexa Features for Your Home

  • Alexa's Visual ID 

Alexa Visual ID is an artificial intelligence-based technology that lets you identify people by their photos. This feature allows users to customize the voice and appearance of their device. Its service is similar to Apple's Face ID and Samsung's Iris Scanner in that it uses facial recognition technology to identify the person who is speaking.

Understanding how this great feature works will help you use Alexa's visual ID effectively. Alexa Visual ID does not require specific voice commands. After you've opted in and enrolled your face, just step in front of the Echo Show's camera to begin using it. You will then access personalized content such as task lists, recipes, sticky notes, and calendar appointments.

  • Alexa Care Hub

Alexa Care Hub is a digital assistant that acts as a voice-activated home hub that connects to sensors and control devices in your home. It comes fully equipped with a voice interface, video chat, and a personal wellness coach. Its purpose is to provide you with information about your daily activity levels to improve them.

It features hands-free direct access to an Emergency Response helpline, allowing users to contact emergency responders and notify family members. The Alexa Care Hub offers insights from your day and provides tools to help you make better choices for yourself. This way, it makes sure you live a healthier life and stay active for more extended periods.

  • Alexa Ultrasonic Routines

Alexa Ultrasonic Routines is a unique feature that allows the device to sense your presence and automate routines around your home. Alexa had always had presence sensing. However, it was camera-enabled. The new Alexa Ultrasonic Routine emits inaudible ultrasound wave through its Echo speakers, which bounces off nearby objects to detect motion. Once motion is detected, the routine turns the lights on and off when the user enters or exits a room.

Wrapping up

If you consider investing in an innovative home system, the Amazon Alexa is an excellent place to start. Alexa has made home management a lot easier for millions of people. It opens up all kinds of possibilities for new and exciting home automation products, making it far easier to keep your house in top condition without having to lift a finger. If you need help setting up Amazon Alexa in your home, do not hesitate to contact Birmingham Locksmith Pro. Our experienced locksmiths can help evaluate the security of your home as well as recommend effective upgrades.