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History of Popular Security Innovators

All through history, lots of security innovators have helped to shape the perception of global security and safety. These innovators have introduced a variety of inventions and physical security strategies that still improves our safety and the security of our valuables.

While it is impossible to highlight every innovator that has contributed to the improvement of physical security, we can at the very least mention some of the security innovators whose ideas and inventions are relevant in the protection of people, properties, and belongings. So, without much ado, here is a quick history of a few security innovators.

Linus Yale Jr.

Popularly known as the brain behind the invention of the pin tumbler lock, Linus Yale Jr. was an alumnus of Yale University. Linus Yale Jr.’s mechanical and artistic mind has significantly improved physical security and his ideologies and strategies have undoubtedly contributed to the training of today’s well-trained locksmith.

Linus Yale Jr.’s father, Linus Yale Sr. became a highly reputable locksmith in New York, during the 1840s. Before passing away in the 1850s, Linus Yale Sr. helped his son with the modern locks and keys we are familiar with today. Linus Yale Jr.’s obsession for cylinder locks influenced him to start his company in Massachusetts during the 1860s.

While experimenting on opening a competitor’s lock without a key, Linus Yale Jr. and Yale University were stunned by his success. At that moment, Yale concluded that no lock is truly invincible, if it has a key, it is vulnerable to picking. Hence, implying that you need more than a lock to ultimately protect your property and belongings. This is why you need the services of a certified locksmith agency like Birmingham Locksmith Pro to evaluate the best ways to improve the security of your property and valuables.

Robert Barron

Robert Barron is popularly known for the invention of the double-acting lever lock back in the 1770s. Before his invention, people relied on warded locks to keep their properties and belongings secure. This type of lock could be easily opened by anybody that understood how the lock worked. Since little or no thought was given to the security that a working key brings, bypassing warded locks was extremely simple.

The problem insecurities associated with warded locks prompted Barron to create a single-acting lever lock. However, Joseph Bramah’s criticism of the lock influenced Barron to create the double-acting lever lock.

Jeremiah Chubb

Jeremiah Chubb took the idea of lock security to the next level with his lock detecting invention known as the Chubb detector lock. Unlike other locks back in the day, the Chubb detector lock had a feature that informs the owner about any illegal attempt in opening it.

The lock was built in such a way that if its multiple double-acting levers are raised too high, they lock into place. Hence, making opening it with even the right key impossible. To open the unusable lock, you will need to reset the levers with a secondary key. Afterward, you can use the rightful key to open the lock.

Bottom Line

It’s good you know the history of our security infrastructure. However, if you have challenges with your locks and security system, give us a call. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, our team of locksmiths is always ready to meet your needs. Our experience, skill sets, and cutting-edge tools are just what you need to enhance your residential, commercial, and auto security.