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Home Security Mistakes

Burglaries are frightening experiences. It can rob you of your sense of security, even if you are not present. It could also pose a risk to your life if you are present at crime site. Many burglary attempts have been successful because homeowners make mistakes that compromise their security.

Investing in advanced home security systems is a great way to secure your home. However, this does not mean neglecting little security details will not matter in the long run. While some of these mistakes may seem obvious, they still happen and should be addressed. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, we offer solutions for these mistakes ranging from basic to the most advanced. Let's look at some common security mistakes. We'll explore a few things burglars look out for that you may not have considered before.

Keeping Spare Keys in Easy-To-Find Places

People think they are clever for hiding their keys outside their houses, but burglars know exactly where to look. It is one of the most predictable security mistakes homeowners make. No matter where you hide it: under the front mat, in a fake rock, or under a flowerpot, leaving your keys outside poses a serious safety risk. Rather than hide your keys around your home, consider the option of a key buddy or install smart locks in your front door that does not require the use of keys.

Publicizing Your Absence

Having an active presence on any social media platform is perfectly fine. However, you must be careful when sharing certain types of information, especially when you are away on travels. It is common for burglars to break into empty homes. So they take their time scanning neighborhoods and social media for homes that are empty. Don't make it for burglars by posting your vacation plans and pictures of you away from home.

Setting Up Fake Security Equipment

Fake security equipment and warnings such as dummy cameras, alarm signs, and beware of dog signs were effective in the past, but they no longer work. Burglars are now adept at spotting fake security equipment; much more, it makes your home a likely burglary target when this fake equipment is spotted. If you are confused about what security systems to install. It is advisable to contact Birmingham Locksmith Pro, and we will take a look at your home and help you decide on the best security equipment to install.

Insufficient Outdoor Lighting

It is no surprise that burglars prefer to commit their crimes where they are less likely to be spotted. Thus a poorly lit porch or compound provides the perfect condition for them. Ensure you have sufficient outdoor lighting to keep the exteriors of your home well-lit at night. You can also install motion sensor lights to help deter burglars.


Home security mistakes are responsible for more successful burglaries than the skill of the burglars or tools. A security mistake as little as forgetting to lock the front door has made it easy for many burglars to gain entry into homes. Take note of these mistakes and ensure to avoid them.