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How Do You Lock and Unlock a Push Bar Door?

Physical security is of utmost concern to both business owners and homeowners. One of the ways that you can enhance the security and safety of your property is by installing a push bar on your door. If you are thinking about having a panic bar or push bar installed, you may want to know how you can lock or unlock a push bar door.

Installing push bar doors requires the skill set of a locksmith service provider like Birmingham Locksmith Pro.

What is a Push Bar Door?

A crash bar otherwise referred to as a panic bar or push bar is a mechanical hardware that is often installed on an outward opening door. This metal piece of hardware is often installed horizontally across a door.

Originally invented in 1911, push bars were manufactured to help prevent crowd crushing and stampedes during emergencies. Users can open the panic bar by simply pushing the bar from inside. Although originally invented for exit doors, most healthcare facilities and commercial buildings use push bars as the opening mechanism of their main doors.

Locking and Unlocking a Push Bar Door

Push bar doors are often user-friendly. The design and installation of push bars are done in such a way that anyone without prior knowledge about panic bar doors can still operate them. You do not need a key to unlock a push bar door. A push bar has a horizontal and flat metal bar that is often attached inside an outward-opening door.

Unlocking a Push Bar Door

All you need to do to retract the latch mechanism of a push bar door is push the flat bar from the inside. As soon as you do this the latch will retract, allowing you to quickly exit or enter the facility. You don’t need keys or prior knowledge to operate them.

Some heavy traffic areas like healthcare facilities and retail stores use dogging devices to lock down the release mechanism of the push bar. These devices keep the push bar’s latch retracted so that users can gain access in and out of the building by simply pushing the door. The dogging device ensures that the push bar door remains unlocked until the device itself is retracted.

Locking a Push Bar Door

You need a dogging hex key or mortise cylinder key to lock a push bar door. Once inserted into the keyhole, the key releases the latch mechanism to engage the strike plate, hence, ensuring that the door remains locked.

If you want to lock a push bar door while you are still inside your property, you need to:

  • Look for the keyhole on the panic bar door.
  • Make sure you have the right key. The right key would fit snugly into the keyhole.
  • Insert the right key into the keyhole of the outer doorknob.
  • Lock the door
  • Ensure that the door stays locked.

Final Words

At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, our team of reliable locksmiths is always available to assist you with any problem you may have with your push bar. Contact us today for the installation, maintenance, and repair of push bar doors.