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How Does Key Fob Access Control Work?

Key Fob access control systems are increasingly taking over the vehicle security market. Over time, the key Fob control systems have proven to be far more effective than traditional locks. Apart from the higher security and trackability it gives to companies; key fobs are also intuitive for users. If you are wondering how a key fob access control works and why you should probably get one for your company, you have found the right post.

How A Key Fob Access Control Works

Key fobs are tiny electronic devices used to grant access in and out of a building to authorized individuals. They are designed with sensors or microchips that transmit RFID (a type of radioactive wave) to the key fob access control.

The access control system that is usually placed beside the door receives the signal and verifies whether the credentials match what has been programmed. If it is a success, the access control system sends out signals to the electronic/electromagnetic door lock and access is granted.

Benefits of a Key Fob Access Control

Key Fobs provide higher security to companies in specific ways, such as:

  • Trackability

A key fob can be programmed for staff or residents. This enables you to track where and when staffs access parts of a building and the amount of time they spend. This can help you keep track of the number of hours your staff spend at work and places they used their key fob to access during those times.

  • Limits Access

With a key fob system in place, you can control the places your staff and residents have access to and at what time. This is essentially helpful when you have restricted places or elevators that you do not want random persons to access. Also, permission can be time and days specific. For example, a staff meant to work on weekdays can have a key fob that will not unlock doors on weekends.

  • Easy to Deactivate and Reset

In the early days, there were staffs in charge of key distributions and once they leave with the key or misplace them, the only solution would be to change the locks which can be costly. But with key fobs, you can easily deactivate the key fob in case of misplacement or reset it when an employee leaves. 

In addition, key fobs are harder to replicate when compared with traditional keys. It would take technical know-how to do that, therefore, reducing the case of break-ins and thefts.

  • Ease of Maintenance

While traditional key locks can become rusty, get jammed or break keys at any point, key fobs rarely disappoint. After the initial investment in getting the key fob access control system, the maintenance cost is low and They can be reused as many times as needed.

Whether you are thinking of getting a key fob access control system or you are still having a hard time deciding whether it’s the right option for you. You can call the dependable locksmiths at Birmingham Locksmith Pro for more clarification.