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How Often Should I Rekey My Locks?

In residential areas and business districts, locks provide controlled access to rooms, offices, and stores. Every lock is opened with a key, and many family members, friends, and employers may have access to these keys. If there is a fallout with an employee, family member, or divorce from a spouse, thoughts of replacing your lock will be the first action to take to guarantee the safety of your home and business.

However, replacing all your locks may be difficult and expensive, especially if you have a big home or business. For this reason, many turn to the perfect alternative of rekeying locks. Birmingham Locksmith Pro understands the significance of rekeying locks and how they can benefit homes and businesses. If you have chosen to rekey your locks, our expert locksmiths can guide you through the procedure.

Nevertheless, if you have not reached this stage, you may require guidance on how often you should rekey your locks. The answer to this question depends on certain conditions. We will guide you through the process and when it is the appropriate time to do so.

Rekeying Locks

Lock rekeying is different from lock installation and replacement. Lock rekeying is the process of replacing the lock cylinders as opposed to the entire door lock mechanism. Rekeying is often performed to save money, although it is still a highly secure option.

Lock installations are often conducted when upgrading or replacing a lock's mechanism altogether. Lock replacement entails removing old locks and installing new ones. However, rekeying locks entails altering the lock mechanism to ensure that only the new keys can open the lock while the old ones are rendered ineffective.

When to Rekey Locks For Your Business

Rekeying your locks varies depending on your business. Small brick-and-mortar stores may rekey every two years, while large corporations may do so every six months. In the end, it's up to the owner and the business to decide what frequency is appropriate. Several factors may also cause business owners to rekey their locks:

  • A sacked employee fails to return keys.
  • When a tenant who was evicted does not return the keys.
  • You have been the victim of a burglary
  • A key has gone missing.
  • The age of the locks.
  • A defective lock.

When to Rekey Locks for Your Home

The decision on when to rekey locks for residential areas differs from business districts or commercial facilities. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, we recommend rekeying your locks every two years, except for an emergency requiring immediate lock rekeying. Several factors may also cause homeowners to rekey their locks:

  • You just experienced a break-in.
  • Need to restrict access of anyone with a spare key.
  • After a divorce.
  • After purchasing or moving into a new house.
  • Missing or stolen key.


Certain factors determine how often your locks need to be rekeyed. Some are within your control, such as providing frequent maintenance, while others are out of control. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, our job is to help keep your home and business safe and secure. We are available round the clock to provide lock rekeying services. Do not hesitate to call us.