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How To Avoid Being Locked Out Of Your Car

Being lockout of your car is never planned, and sometimes it happens at the most unusual places and times. This could leave you stranded and sometimes in the way of danger. Car lockouts can occur for various reasons, from leaving the keys in the ignition to misplaced and worn-out keys and locks. While lockouts are a common occurrence for many car owners, they can be managed and avoided. Fortunately, Birmingham Locksmith Pro has put together a few tips to help you avoid being locked out of your car.

Tips To Avoid Car Lockout

Cultivate Good Car Key Habits

If you often lock yourself out of your car or constantly need car lockout service, it is probably because you do not have a good habit with your car keys. A car key habit is something you do every time you have your key. For example, whenever you get out of your car, you could train yourself to ensure you have your car key. As you repeatedly teach yourself to do this, your brain adjusts to this habit, and once you leave your car, you will constantly feel something is missing. It won't take long for you to realize that you are doing this subconsciously.

Replace Worn Out or Damaged Locks

Forgetting your car keys in the ignition or misplacing them may not be the cause of being locked out of your car. At other times, a worn-out or damaged lock may cause a lockout. A worn-out lock may result in a broken or bent key, leaving you locked out of your car.  Consider replacing your car’s lock with the help of a locksmith if it is becoming increasingly difficult to open.

Duplicate Your Keys

To avoid locking yourself out of your car, you should consider creating spare keys. Duplicated keys are backups in case of a lockout or if you misplace your key. Depending on your car model, simply visit a locksmith to have them made. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, we offer key duplication services for traditional and smart keys.

Do Not Copy Duplicate Keys

One common error many car owners make is creating a key copy from a duplicate key. The reason for this is as a duplicate key is created, it becomes less similar to the original. Hence, further duplicating previously duplicated keys will make less perfect copies which may get stuck in the lock and leave you locked out. If you need a spare car key, you should get one from the manufacturer or make one with the help of a locksmith from the original key.


These tips are useful in preventing car lockouts. Nevertheless, sometimes, no matter how careful you are, lockouts still happen. Therefore, we advise that you get the contact of a local locksmith in case of an emergency lockout. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, we provide reliable lockout services to get you back in your car as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to call us today.