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How to Burglar Proof Doors

How to Burglar Proof Doors

The front or garage doors are the major entry points through which burglars gain access to your home. They use brute force attacks to break in and cart away with expensive items. If your doors are not built to withstand excessive force, you may become their next victim. Therefore, to ensure your home is no part of the yearly burglary statistics, the experts at Birmingham Locksmith Pro recommend you to do all it takes to make your entryway stay protected. To make your doors to be as secure as possible, here are three ways to burglar-proof your residential or commercial property doors.

Common Ways Burglars and Thieves Attack Doors 

Before seeing how to burglarproof your doors, let’s briefly expose you to or remind you of how burglars compromise doors. Kicking and ramming is one method used by these criminals on their victim doors. This brute force attack is used to weaken the structural integrity of a target’s door.
The locking device of a door is another critical element that intruders aim at when carrying out their deed. A few crafty methods they use include lock picking, lock bumping and lock drilling attack, which is the act of cutting a hole through a lock’s cylinder in order to destroy the pins and have the lock opened.
Now you may be wondering how to make your door foolproof or at least provide resistance to burglary attacks. Here are three things to do to fortify your door.

Start with Your Door

Make sure you install a burglarproof door in your home or business entryways, especially in the vulnerable points. Burglarproof doors are built with strong materials that provide resistance to brute force attacks, such as the ones mentioned earlier.
Doors made from core wood and steel are great options for commercial and residential properties. While fiberglass doors are good options too, stay away from doors with numerous glass panels.

Functioning  Door Frame

A door frame is the entire framework supporting the door. That said, your door frame should have a functioning door head, door stop, and jamb. The jamb, for example, is the flat surface that runs vertically up either side of the door frame. One side of it caters for the lock cylinder and its strike plate while the other side features hinges that attach the door to its frame.
Outward facing hinges are often more vulnerable to break-ins. For hinges facing outward, you may consider reinstalling the door so that hinges face inward. Alternatively, you can contact your local locksmith to install theft-proof hinges or reinforce the hinges. 
The point here is to ensure all the components of your door frame are functioning and in good condition.

Use Top Door Locks

Having a strong door and door frame will mean very little if your door lock provides little to no security. For entry doors, which of course are the top target of burglars, deadbolt locks and mortise locks are options that we recommend.
Keyless entry locks are also excellent options because they take out the worry of lock picking attacks associated with keyed locks. However, note that regardless of the option you intend to settle for among these three lock types, ensure you buy a top-grade option. For expert recommendations, contact us at Birmingham Locksmith Pro. We’ll be glad to help you.

Ready to Burglar Proof Your Doors?

Acting on the above three tips will help you protect your doors from burglar attacks. If your residential or commercial door has been compromised by a burglar or you need more information on this resource, reach out to us at Birmingham Locksmith Pro for immediate help.