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How to Find the Fix for Your Car Door Lock

Vehicle owners face many challenges when it comes to the locks of their cars. Sometimes, the power locks become lifeless and the handles don’t work correctly – making people get in through the passenger side. Apart from the embarrassment that comes from a dysfunctional car door lock, it exposes the security vulnerabilities of your car. Smart thieves can take advantage of the weak part of the lock to get access to your car. That is the reason you shouldn’t delay in fixing any problem that relates to the car door locks.

However, if you’re faced with an emergency car door lock problem, call the experts from Birmingham Locksmith Pro. We are here to provide affordable and fast repairs of car locks. Our desire is for the locks and security system of your car to be in perfect working condition.

Here is the procedure for the DIY car door lock repair or replacement

Tools needed

  • Flat-head off-set screwdriver
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Plastic gloves
  • Trim panel clip puller 
  • Test light 
  • Continuity tester 
  • Multimeter 
  • Vehicle-specific repair manual

Repair or Replace the Lock Actuators

Car door lock actuator is a simple mechanical device that makes locking and unlocking a door easier. You can operate the door without the effort of pulling on a cable and rod.
The actuator is so versatile that it can work with a key, keyless entry remote control, or by using the combination lock on the outside of the door. However, before repairing or changing the actuator, you need to check if it has been damaged by pressing the unlock button on the door panel cluster. If nothing happens, then you need to repair or change the actuator. Follow these steps to repair the actuator.

Remove the Actuator 
Most manufacturers place the actuator below the latch. The first step is to remove the door panel. You will need a flat screwdriver to remove the door panel from the affected door. You should also be careful not to damage the painted door around the panel. Loosen all the clips and gently remove the panel.

To effectively remove the actuator, you need to force the flat blade of the offset screwdriver into the plastic locking tab to depress it. Then jam another flat-blade screwdriver between the latch and the actuator and pry. The actuator will slide off two “rails.”

Now, you should verify the condition of the door lock actuator. If it has really been damaged, replace it with the reverse procedure.

Repairing Mechanical Door Lock 
This procedure should be followed when the manual door lock is malfunctioning. If the key is not working and the door won’t open from both sides. First, you should understand that this problem is a result of wear and tear of the inner components of the door

Repair Procedure

When lock and latch mechanisms stop working, this is because that rod or cable has fallen out, been broken or bent, or the bushings that allow it to move are worn out and allowing too much movement.

Some of the rods may have broken inside, so you should pull the inner and outer handles individually while watching the mechanism for motion between parts. 

While pulling the handles, look for excessive wear and use lubricants if it hasn’t damaged totally. Also check the pushing wear because most times, they are likely the cause.
If the rod(s) between the handle and the latching mechanism is moving, but not enough to unlatch the door. Then, you may have to disconnect the rods and replace the bushings. Make sure that all cables and wirings are reconnected. Then test to see that the door lock is working perfectly.

Call a Locksmith 
You need the help of a local locksmith if you can’t effectively repair or replace your door locks. Contact the experts at Birmingham Locksmith for car door lock repair and security upgrades.