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How To Fix A Stuck Door Latch

A stuck door latch can disrupt the normal activities in your home as it can interrupt your security. When the latch of the door is stuck, you will not be able to lock your door. Literally, it can pose a serious security as well as cause inconveniences and delay if you plan to leave anytime soon.

Your stuck door latch must be fixed so the door can function properly and you get to go about your day without any hassle. To fix a door latch, you need to know the reason the door latch got stuck, this will guide you on the best steps to take as there are a couple of factors that cause a door latch to get stuck.

3 factors that cause your door latch to get stuck and how to fix them

These are the commonest reasons most door latches get stuck and we will be exploring quick fixes to get your door working properly again.

  • Jammed Latch

How to Spot

A door latch that is stuck due to jamming will not move when you apply force on the handle. It is caused by moisture which makes the inside of the lock and the latch bolt rust. The rust disrupts the movement of components within the lock and fills the gaps causing unnecessary friction as the metal parts graze each other. The dirt can also affect the movement of the spring.

How to Fix

This can be fixed by disassembling the lock and cleaning the components. For further cleaning, you can leave the components to sit in a vinegar for about ten to twenty minutes. After this, scrub all nooks and crannies to make sure every part is clean. Then wipe and dry the components before assembling the door lock.

  • Door Alignment

If your door latch is stuck only when you are trying to open your door then you just might have a misaligned strike plate. This is also caused by moisture or a problem with the lock installation methods and can occur annually.

How to Fix

Align the strike plate with the door latch by widening the hole on the metal and wood, also by removing the strike plate and screwing it properly.

  • Internal Damage

If you touch the latch with your fingers, apply a little pressure to it. If it does not work, that is a clear sign of internal damage. A part of your lock has broken and this is causing your door latch to malfunction.

How to Fix

The best way to fix a broken lock is by changing the lock.


The issues outlined above are the reasons a door latch could get stuck and you are free to try any of the fixes. Ultimately, hiring a locksmith from the Birmingham Locksmith Pro team is the best option as you will get in touch with a professional locksmith that will guide you to fix the stuck door latch without any hassles. Also, our services will save you so much from trying to decide on the components to fix. Give us a call to enjoy our friendly rates.