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How to Open Your Car and Fix the Lock

There are two major types of problems people face when they call a locksmith – lock malfunction and key loss. Whether the problem is from the front door or ignition, facing a broken or stocked lock can be extremely frustrating.

Let’s look at how this could happen and what you can do to get out of the situation.

Is Your Car Door Stuck in Lock Position?
One of two things can happen here – either the door is closed and stuck in the lock position or the door is open but also stuck in the lock position.

Then What Could be The Problem?
Various factors can lead to your car door getting stuck in the lock position. It may be that the problem is caused by the build-up of rust or dirt inside the lock. This can cause the lock to jam, meaning that it can’t be unlocked. If you can insert your keys but can’t turn the lock, it’s highly possible that lock jamming is the problem.
Another consideration is that the internal components of the lock are not lubricated or that one of the components has developed a fault. This leads to the disruption of the locking process. Alternatively, there may be structural damage to the lock and its components. 

In This Situation, What Should The Person Do?
Here are some of the solutions you can use to fix a car door lock stuck in the lock position.

Lubrication and Cleaning
The lubrication of moving parts is the go-to-solution when some components of the machine get stiffened. As experienced experts in this field, we will recommend you use a dry lubricant. This is because oil-backed lubricants can attract dust and dirt, which affects the movement of the components part in the lock.

Fast Repairs by A Professional
Age, broken connections and non-maintenance are some other reasons your car door lock may stick in the locking position. You may need to call a professional for a fast repair.
Going for a DIY option might worsen the situation because you may end up damaging the lock. Call an expert locksmith if your lock is stuck or not functioning properly. Our local locksmith will arrive at your location within minutes of receiving your distress call.

Lock Replacement 
We recommend the replacement of the lock or its components when you notice it is not functioning properly. You need access to the proper replacement parts so you can check that out online. But for an immediate solution to a stuck lock, you need the services of a locksmith if you are not technically savvy to handle the situation.
Feel free to contact experts from Birmingham Locksmith Pro. We will provide the solution and also help you with the purchasing and replacement of old or faulty parts of the lock.

Do Not Apply Force to Open the Door
We understand how frustrating it can be to get your door lock stuck in the lock position. However, you should not use force to open the door. Applying force in such situations can damage the security system of your vehicle and it will cost you more to get it fixed. Stay calm whenever you find yourself in such situations and remember one of the options we suggested in this article.

Call Professional for Help
Calling a professional from Birmingham Locksmith Pro is the best decision to make. We will diagnose the problem and let you know why your car door lock will always get stuck in the locking position. Be assured that any door lock stuck in the locking position can be fixed. Such a problem has to be fixed as fast as possible and we are readily available to help. If you have any doubts about your ability to resolve the issue, do not panic because we’ve got your back.