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How to Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft

How to Protect Your Motorcycle from Theft

Whether you have high-priced sports bikes, luxury cruisers, or traditional motorcycles, know that when it comes to theft, criminals have no limitation! In fact, thieves go for lower-capacity motorcycles because most owners are careless.
Additionally, the usage of bikes is prime during summer and there is a correspondingly high rate of theft too. Bike thieves can lift it into a bus or a truck. Also, they can drive it off. Here are some tips on how to protect your motorcycles from theft.

Avoid Parking Your Motorcycles in a Lonely Area

Statistics show that a good number of motorcycles are stolen when parked at lonely places. It could be at private homes or public places. These thieves perform their acts quite often when people's minds are engrossed in the event. Shopping malls are not left out of places they easily operate as the security personnel are not always keen on parked bikes.
You can also lower the odds of your motorcycle being stolen by parking it somewhere highly visible. A well-lit location deter thieves.

Use Multiple Security Measures at a Time

It looks odd to use multiple means of security lock on a single bike but the success rate against thievery is high. A look at series of bike theft suggests the usage of a single and simple security measure. A hybrid security lock comprising of a U-lock, auto ignition lock, and alarm system works perfectly. When these three are put in place on a parked bike, even when the thieves have succeeded in unlocking and removing the U-lock, the alarm on auto-ignition will give them out. 
The electronic ignition lock does not normally come with the bikes, it is yours to fix. That is why going for the ignition that works with an alarm is recommended. The alarm goes off once an unauthorized attempt is made on the ignition.

Park your Motorcycles where there is a Provision of an Iron Anchor

Motorcycles chained to anchors are hard to be manipulated or stolen. After chaining the bikes to an anchor point, safety-conscious bike owners also do take an extra step of using a high-quality U-lock to lock the rear wheel. Anchors made of ironworks better than those of ordinary block work or wood. While chaining the motorcycle to an anchor, the chain is better passed through one of the mainframe iron.

Get your Bike Insured

Insurance is a smart means of safeguarding your priced bike. To enjoy the benefits of insurance, you must have signed up one before the theft. Thus you have to get one as soon as you have purchased the motorcycle. Many people do not attach much importance to the documentation of their Bikes – that’s a very costly assumption. With a bike insurance, you may get a replacement or monetary compensation in the event of theft. Don’t make the mistake of not insuring your bike during the time of purchase. Get your vital information clearly written. And keep your insurance policy safe.

Install a Tracking Device 

The installation of a GPS tracker is not to prevent your bike from being stolen but to help in its recovery. You will be privileged to view the bike’s location on a smartphone or PC and that will help the police a whole lot. Optimize the security of your bike by contacting a nearby locksmith from Birmingham Locksmith Pro. We will help you to significantly reduce the risk of losing your bike!