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Kwikset Halo Smart Lock Review

In recent times, there has been an evolution in Technology. People have discovered better ways of doing things and getting seemingly complex tasks done.

One area that has benefitted immensely from this evolution in technology is the production of smart locks and one smart lock that stands out is the Kwikset Halo Smart Lock.
Kwikset was an early mover in the deadbolt market and has produced a great variety of brilliant lock items throughout the years. With the Kwikset Halo Smart Lock, it finally brings Wi-Fi to its brand of smart locks. 

For a company most popular for products for home improvement and shop lock equipment, Kwikset has made an amazing discovery with mechanical smart locks. 

The Kwikset Halo Smart Lock is a Wi-Fi enabled smart lock that brings both security, comfort, and convenience to your fingertips. This deadbolt works with an app on both Android and IOS that allows you to receive notifications of your lock’s activity right from your smartphone. It is also configured to protect against advanced break-in techniques.

Features of The Kwikset Halo Smart Lock

Comes in a Sleek and Beautiful Design

This smart key is sleek and beautiful with Venetian bronze and satin nickel finishes. It is expertly crafted with premium materials which give it a very pleasant sight.

It’s Wifi-Enabled
As long as you have an internet connection, you can monitor and operate it from a smartphone using the Kwikset mobile app.

Open and Close the Lock from Anywhere in The Universe

The Kwikset halo smart lock can be controlled from anywhere in the world and thus confers rest of mind on you especially when you’re travel long distances.

Voice Activation Can Be Enabled
Kwikset halo smart lock can be voice-activated as it works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Experience Convenience with Its Touchscreen

Another fascinating feature of the Kwikset halo smart lock is that it includes a touchscreen. More so, it can be accessed with customizable user codes.

Easy to install
The lock is simple to install and use. You don’t need to drill any holes to install it and it comes with a quick start guide that tells you how to download the app and run the installation. 

Efficient and User-Friendly App
The app comes with tech support where you can relay your challenges as it concerns using the Kwikset halo smart lock and get practical solutions.

Highly Durable
Another great characteristic of this savvy lock is its durability. The Kwikset halo smart lock is heatproof, pick safe, and solidified against drills or saws. Indeed, even the interfacing wires inside are fortified. This is one solid lock. You can tell just by its weight that it's made to last.  
What's more? The Kwikset halo smart lock functions admirably with a standard lock/open ability that completes with just a tap. It also incorporates an auto-lock mode. Other great features include long battery life controlled by the standard 4 AA cells. 

The expert locksmiths at Birmingham Locksmith Pro has installed a great number of locks through the years amongst which the Kwikset Halo Smart Lock stands out. If you ever run into any problems with your lock or you need the Kwikset halo smart lock installed for your residential or commercial premises, contact us and our expert local locksmiths would do an excellent job.