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Lexus Keys

Luxury, sleek, and affordable vehicles are the hallmarks of Lexus, which has been in the automobile market since 1989. Lexus key makers introduced transponder keys in 1997 to increase vehicle security; these transponder keys communicate with automobiles through radio waves between their chips and computers. This feature prevents thieves from starting your automobile and stealing it.

In older standalone automobiles, keys are often made of metal, which makes them easier to duplicate. However, Lexus keys employ key fob technology. To replace a car key fob, the transmitter must be programmed with a precise combination to communicate with the vehicle. Depending on your Lexus's model, year, and make, its key fob programming will differ.

Lexus Car Key Replacement

Car keys have an inexplicable ability to vanish or go missing. In previous years, this disappearance was of little concern as you can get a new key as a replacement from any hardware shop, locksmith, or auto dealership. However, the convenience of creating a new replacement key also made it simple for a burglar to take your automobile. Modern technological advancements in key fobs have made it more challenging to steal cars. However, it has also made key replacements more technical and expensive.

Modern automobiles often consist of a key fob and car key, and Lexus is no exception. It is common for Lexus car owners to replace their key fobs when changing their car keys. Lexus car keys may need to be replaced for various reasons, from a deteriorated battery that requires a change to losing the keys and faulty key fob buttons.

There are several options available today for Lexus owners to obtain a new key for their vehicle:

An Auto Locksmith

An Auto Locksmith is often the least expensive option since they will have the necessary tools to change keys for all makes and models of Lexus. At Birmingham locksmith Pro, we provide mobile locksmith services, which means we can come to you in case of an emergency when you are locked out. Our professional locksmiths are proven Lexus key makers in Birmingham and can repair your car keys on the spot, disable old keys, so they no longer work for transponder keys.

Requirement by Insurance Providers

Sometimes insurance companies may not cover vehicle keys, depending on your policy to decide whether you are covered. Also, claiming insurance might affect your no-claims bonus, costing you in the long run. Some companies provide key replacement as a premium add-on, but it costs more than vehicle insurance. Some insurers do not cover stolen automobile keys, while others offer additional coverage.

Car Dealership

Going to your dealership may be the most costly and time-consuming choice. Unlike an auto locksmith, the dealer may not have the necessary equipment and will not come to you.

The dealership may need to order a key blank before they can assist. Many do not have key programming and diagnostic tools.

Let us handle your Lexus Key Replacement needs

Replacing your Lexus car keys is a decision that must be resolved promptly to avoid emergencies. Birmingham Locksmith Pro is a proven Lexus key maker and has assisted multiple clients with Lexus key replacement in Birmingham. If you need your keys replaced quickly and efficiently, contact us immediately.