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Mechanical Locks Vs Electronic Locks

Some years back, mechanical locks such as deadbolts and mortise locksets were making the rounds. But due to technological advancement and the quest for convenience, the scenario changed and the marketplace has become saturated with keyless, electronic, or digital locks.

Here is a comparison between mechanical and electronic locks based on security and convenience.


Despite brute lock attack issues like bumping, picking, and key compromise, mechanical locks are still reliable time-tested solutions.
With strong hardware, many modern mechanical locks are extra secure and resistant to different lock attacks. 

However, in their earliest stage of development, electronic locks were easy to compromise. People were able to predict the pin codes by looking at the pattern of wear and tear on the keypad. But such defects have been eradicated in modern units and it is almost impossible for someone to compromise the locks.

Even more recent electronic locks can be operated via wireless control thereby reducing the dependence on keypads. Also, some models can only unlock when a paired Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device is close. This makes them more secure against hacking and compromise.

So, it’s safe to say that over the years, both mechanical and electronic locks have evolved in terms of security.

Access Control

Regular mechanical locks are only operated with physical keys. Using these types of locks is no brainer. Just slide a corresponding key through the keyhole and turn your wrist. Problems, however, arise from storage and handling.

Some homeowners keep their keys under doormats or temporarily store them somewhere around their front doors. This approach can easily provide a loved one with entry into a property. However, burglars and thieves can retrieve people’s keys from these easy-to-guess locations and use them to burglarize unsuspecting property owners. Some intruders can even make duplicate copies for subsequent unlawful entry.

But standard electronic locks are keyless. Entry requires a pin or access codes. Some advanced systems even accept fingerprint identification or swipe card for entry. This key-free entry provides a measure of security that standard mechanical models cannot offer.

On-Demand Entry

When you go on a shopping spree, having a lock that opens up automatically as you approach the door would be a desirable option. With some electronic locks, you can program the door to open when you come closer. Therefore, you won’t have to fumble around at the door looking for your keys.

A keyless entry is also beneficial when you’re traced by strangers or criminals. Instead of rummaging your purse for the entry door key, having a door that opens up on demand could make all the difference in the world.

Final Words

There are reasons to choose a mechanical lock over an electronic lock and vice-versa. In other words, electrical and mechanical locks have their pros and cons.

But for convenience and to enjoy numerous features lacking in traditional mechanical locks, an electronic lock may be the right option for many, especially the modern property owners. 
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