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Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

Just because your bike is old or inexpensive doesn’t mean someone else isn’t craving to have it, perhaps at your expense. This simple understanding should help you realize that all kinds of motorcycles are susceptible to being hoisted into the back of a van. To ensure your bike is secured at all times, you want to do all that you can to protect it from getting stolen. But there’s no way you can do this if you are not armed with the required knowledge.
Fortunately, the licensed and bonded locksmiths at Birmingham Locksmith Pro have useful bike theft prevention tips and are willing to share those with you. You only need to read and act on the tips you are about to discover.

Keep Your Bike Off the Radar

If you are home and have a garage, put your bike in your garage to hide it from thieves. Also, make sure to always lock your garage or the door to an indoor parking space. You can never tell if someone has been actively looking for an opportunity to sneak into your garage and take away your expensive bike. 
If your home doesn’t have a garage, use an unbranded bike cover to conceal your motorcycle. If you’re not home, endeavor to park your bike close to where you are or entrust it with someone you trust.

Lock Your Steering Lock

It becomes very easy for a thief to maneuver your bike and go away with it if the bike’s steering lock is not activated. Unfortunately, motorcycle thieves are getting more innovative when it comes to defeating this anti-theft feature. Having the steering lock engaged when you aren't around, however, will deter inexperienced motorcycle thieves or slow down experienced ones.

Install an Immobilizer

If your motorcycle does not come equipped with an immobilizer, get a competent locksmith to have it installed. An immobilizer is an electronic security device that prevents your bike from being quickly hot-wired. The security feature will also prevent your motorcycle from starting unless the correct key is used. 

Take Extra Precautions

If you’re planning to visit a neighborhood or somewhere with a high rate of bike theft, you may be better off leaving your bike at home and find another way to get there.

Fasten Your Motorcycle to Something

Use high-security locks and heavy chains to lock your motorcycle to a fixed, immovable object or structure. The fixed structure could be a bike rack cemented into the ground, a fence, or a metal railing.
But make sure the parking area is a busy location or somewhere where there is CCTV coverage. This is especially recommended because crowds and the presence of camera are good deterrents to thieves.


Those who commute on their bikes every day understand that the elements, vacant road, and open air they experience worth every effort put into making sure the piece of investment is safe and secure. By parking your bike in a secured space, using a highly secured lock and the latest security features, you’ll greatly reduce the odds of your bike getting stolen.
Do you have a bike you want to upgrade its lock to a very secured option? Do you want to equip your motorcycle with an immobilizer or other anti-theft features? The experts at Birmingham Locksmith Pro will be glad to help you regardless of the type of motorcycle your own. But you'll need to contact us to find out what we can do for you.