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Protecting Luggage During Travel

If you’re planning to travel soon, this is the right time to understand how to protect your valuables from getting damaged, battered, or bruised in the airport.

Do not leave the safety of your belongings to chance because they are constantly vulnerable to theft. According to the Air Travel Consumer Report from the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2017, 1.8 million checked bags was mishandled. And such increasing irresponsibility from baggage handlers and passenger service agents is not getting better any time soon. Therefore, you need to be more careful to avoid your luggage from being ransacked or even stolen outright.

Here the expert locksmiths from Birmingham Locksmith Pro provide insights on how to take a close look at your luggage for their safety.

Use a Proper Lock

Though every traveler knows that using a lock is the first step to safeguarding their belongings, some people only zip up their luggage instead of using proper locks. We recommend you get two locks—one TSA-approved and a rugged padlock. The unscrupulous bag handlers at the airport have universal keys for the TSA locks. So they can easily open your luggage if you do not use another type of lock. However, if your luggage is suspicious, the TSA agents will kick against using an unapproved lock because they will demand you open it.

To avoid such delays, ensure you pack approved items in your bag. You can get information about the approved or appropriate items from the airline. Also, ensure you stick to the allocated luggage weight. An overloaded bag will attract the attention of TSA agents.

Avoid Designer Bags

It is good to make a fashion statement and showcase your class while traveling. But believe it or not, these criminals at the airport target designer bags/luggage.

Try as much as possible to appear simple. Do not worry about keeping up with the Joneses. Avoid designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Disney, Globetrotter, etc.

Criminals believe that there are higher chances of getting expensive items from designer bags than affordable pieces of luggage. So we recommend you go for common types of luggage to safeguard the content.

Consider Baggage Wrapping Services

Baggage wrapping comes with numerous advantages – they help deter thieves, it protects your bag against damage and scratches, prevents pilfering, and stop overloaded luggage’s from opening. Baggage wrapping service providers use materials like heavy Saran wrap to cover your luggage. Companies offering such services are not hard to find at airports.

Use a Luggage Tag

Have you ever seen travelers struggling to find their unlabeled bags in an endless pool of luggage at the arrival terminals? That might be your experience if you fail to use luggage tags. With the correct tags, you can locate your bags easier and will not go home with the wrong luggage. It is also good to put a duplicate tag inside your bag to claim it if there are ownership issues.

Remember, regaining lost items is possible when you involve the police but sometimes, they are gone together. Therefore, it is better to prevent losing your items than waiting for an investigation that can take forever to conclude. If you lost the keys on transit or you forgot the key-code, call a locksmith in Pinson, AL from Birmingham Locksmith Pro for help. We will arrive at your location to open the luggage and also offer other locksmith services.