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Questions to ask Before Replacing Deadbolt

Questions to ask Before Replacing Deadbolt

If a deadbolt starts to malfunction, it would be practical to replace it with a new one. And if you suspect that the security of your home has been compromised, then you should buy and install a new deadbolt. Regardless of the condition, some questions need to be addressed before buying a replacement deadbolt. This blog will consider five of these questions, which are important and commonly raised.

Should I Buy another Mechanical Deadbolt or Upgrade to an Electronic Deadbolt?

Smart and electronic deadbolts have functions that provide a user with remote control through a smartphone app. It gives you the total control of your home - you can determine who locks and unlock your door, and you can limit access to certain areas of your home, to mention a few. 
These convenience and enhanced security features are things you cannot get from your regular traditional deadbolt. When it comes to replacing a deadbolt lock, however, no one can determine what’ll suit your needs. However, if convenience and other smart features offered by modern deadbolts aren’t part of the deciding factors, a traditional mechanical deadbolt could be the perfect solution for you.

Is the Deadbolt Compatible with My Door?

Many property owners often call our locksmith experts about their several failed attempts to install a deadbolt. Sometimes, this is because they don’t fully understand the mechanical aspects of installing a door lock. 
If the bore holes drilled into your door is too small to accommodate your new lock hardware or you buy a deadbolt with the wrong backset, the new lock could become useless. To make it usable, sometimes modifying the door might be required.
In case you’ve bought a deadbolt that you don’t know how to install or isn’t a match for your door, save yourself time and stress by giving us a call at Birmingham Locksmith Pro today.

Is beauty or design of the lock Important?

If it is a deadbolt you want to install on an exterior door, the aesthetics of the lock might be just as important as its security features. For a deadbolt that matches your door design, be assured that many options that provide a top level of protection and enhance the curb appeal of your home are available out there on the market.

What Level of Protection Do I Need?

The primary reason for the installation of a deadbolt is security. Note, however, that deadbolts come in 3 different grades of protection. 
Grade 1 deadbolts provide the highest level of protection, and they are used for both commercial and residential properties. Grade 2 deadbolts are also strong and excellent options for residential doors. Only use a Grade 3 deadbolt lock device as a secondary security measure. For exterior doors, we advise our customers to go for Grade 1 deadbolt lock devices.

Should I Call a Locksmith for Installation or Take the DIY Route?

Almost every lock, including deadbolts, comes with a self-installation manual that can help you navigate the setup process. But to avoid ruining your newly purchased lock or messing up your door, it’s good to let a locksmith professional who has hands-on experience to handle the installation.

For Deadbolt Recommendations and Installations, Contact Birmingham Locksmith Pro

Our experts at Birmingham Locksmith Pro can handle any type of lock-related job, including deadbolt lock installation. Also, let one of our certified and licensed experts help you with any commercial, residential, or automotive lock or key needs. 
For an emergency service, visit or speak with our local customer representative, or give us a call now.