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Rekey or New Lock?

Rekey or New Lock?

Whenever we move into a new house or feel that our security has been breached, the first thing that comes to mind is changing our locks. Many of the burglaries that happen are actually used by a key. That’s why it is crucial to update your locks especially if you have had an old roommate recently leave or if you had to fire an angry employee. There are two ways to go about doing this and it is important to understand the difference between the both of them. The first option is to rekey and the second is to get a new lock. Circumstances and budget are the main things to take into consideration when making a choice between them. There are pros and cons to both options, and we will go over each of them in this article today. 

Is Rekeying Better?

Rekeying involves the altering of the lock mechanism itself. It reconfigures the tumblers inside a lock. Hence, old keys will no longer work so a new key will be required to open your lock. It is a cheaper and easier solution than getting a new lock but has limited to no warranty. Sometimes rekeying can be a good option if the locks of your home are all the same brand but uses different keys. By rekeying your locks, you can operate them from one existing key. Another good reason why rekeying might be a good option is if you’ve lost a duplicate key and want to prevent your old key from being used by an intruder. Rekeying requires in-depth knowledge and the right tools so you should contact a reputable locksmith in Birmingham AL.

Should I Get a New Lock

If your locks have been damaged or not functioning properly, it might be a good idea to get a new lock. It is more expensive and time consuming so do keep that in mind. On the other hand, you’re investing in a longer lasting solution that utilizes newer technology. However, for much older homes, rekeying might be the only solution as it can be difficult finding a proper replacement. Installing new locks that utilizes fingerprint locks is a very technical job and should be left up to a knowledgeable locksmith. Birmingham Locksmith Pro offers customizable solutions to meet your budget and demands.

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All in all, it boils down to what your situation requires you to do. If you are in the position to buy a new lock, then it is better to go with a longer lasting and safer option. However, if you have a tight budget or can’t seem find a proper replacement lock for your door, it’s not a bad to opt out for rekeying. Whether you would like to go for one or the other, Birmingham Locksmith Pro provides fast and reliable service. We offer affordable rates and work 24 hours a day 7 days to get you back on track. Call our team to get assistance as soon as possible.