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Rekeying Locks: A Cost Guide

A damaged or defective lock is one thing that requires a quick fix to ensure the security of your home, business, and property. It may be difficult to decide between replacing your entire lock or rekeying the current one. Whatever your preference, rekeying your locks is a much cheaper alternative and offers numerous benefits.

Nevertheless, many are unaware of the advantages of rekeying their locks. Hence, they do not consider it an option. In this article, Birmingham Locksmith Pro provides a guide to rekeying locks and the associated cost.

The Cost of Rekeying Locks

Rekeying your locks can come in handy when you misplaced your key, want to reduce your bunch of keys, sacked an employee, or moved into a new apartment. Rekeying locks is also the safest, quickest, and least expensive way to solve lock problems. However, a few factors can influence the cost of rekeying locks.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Rekeying Locks

It is not possible to calculate the cost of rekeying locks using a base price. While some locksmith may be tempted to mention a base rate without considering other factors, at Birmingham Locksmith Pro, we understand that rekeying locks can be way cheap or expensive depending on these factors:

The Number of Locks

The cost of rekeying locks is also heavily influenced by the number of locks to be rekeyed. Hence, the price of rekeying six locks will be the price of rekeying one lock times six. However, most homeowners do not want the same key to unlock multiple doors. So, you will quote a different cost for rekeying other locks. Therefore, rekeying multiple locks with different keys will attract a much higher cost than rekeying multiple locks for the same key.

Lock Variation

Locks are of various types and have different purposes. A mortise lock is useful for entry doors with heavy foot traffic, while a deadbolt is suitable for security purposes. This difference in locks means it will be impossible to rekey all locks to use the same key. Hence, the rekeying cost will significantly be influenced by the variation of locks.

The Complexity of the Lock

A key factor in determining the cost of rekeying is the complexity of the lock. The nature of the lock usually determines how long it takes to rekey it and whether additional parts or labor are required. Each lock is different. Rekeying a traditional pin tumbler lock will require a lesser cost than rekeying a mortise lock.

The rekeying process differs from lock to lock. Some can be relatively simple, while others can be quite complex. If the lock is more complicated than a standard lock, it is expected to require more skill and attention than a standard lock.


Lock rekeying is a relatively simple process. It is a cheaper alternative to lock replacement and repair. However, several factors influence the process, and only a licensed locksmith can provide you with an accurate estimate and reliable results. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, we believe lock rekeying costs should be pocket-friendly. We pride ourselves in providing the best lock rekeying service, and our reputation speaks for us in the mouth of thousands of satisfied clients. Let us handle your lock rekeying needs. Give us a call today.