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Removing a Broken Key From Your Ignition

Broken car keys can be caused by various factors, including fatigue, wear, and forceful turning. No one indeed anticipates a broken key, especially not in your ignition. Nevertheless, proper preparation is critical to sorting out the situation as quickly as possible. But if it has occurred, this article highlights a few tips on removing a broken key from your ignition.

Use a Spiral Key Extractor

A spiral key extractor is a very thin metal strip with grooves. These grooves are designed to grip the broken key to allow it to be removed easily. A spiral key extractor can be employed by inserting it along the clawing of the keyhole. However, be careful not to push the key too far into the lock. The goal is to push the extractor into the ignition and attempt to hook the extractor’s hooks onto the key’s jaws. The key may take several attempts to pull out as you try to create enough friction with the extractor.

Use Tweezers

People automatically reach for tweezers when a key breaks in the ignition. There are two things to remember: how far the key has broken off and how wide or thick the tweezers are.

Tweezers are suitable for a broken key with a part of it sticking outside the ignition. The right tweezers should be wide enough to fit around the key but not so wide that they can't reach along its sides. For this job, thin, open-ended tweezers are ideal. Tweezers that are too thick won't be able to position themselves along the sides of the key, while tweezers that are too narrow won't be able to grasp it. This is important in ensuring you do not end up pushing the key deeper into the ignition.

Use a Small Jigsaw Blade or Paper Clip

Using a jigsaw blade or paper clip is an alternative to the spiral key extractor method. Auto locksmiths mostly employ the extractor method, and chances are that you do not have the spiral key extractor tool lying around.

It may be possible to use a paper clip with grooved edges as a spiral extractor if there is room in the ignition to get them in. You can also use very small jigsaw blades as hook extractors. The blades must be thin enough so that this can work. Also, ensure the blades are facing down to hook the key's teeth. Then, turn and pull.

Call an Auto Locksmith

While it is possible to remove a broken car key from the ignition on your own, hiring an auto locksmith is your best option. The advantages of calling an auto locksmith are second to none; you can safely remove the broken key without damage to your ignition, a new key can be made on the spot in case you do not have a spare, and you can diagnose other ignition and lock-related issues.

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