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Residential Door Lock Types

Residential Door Lock Types

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their homes. That is why it’s hard finding a residential property that does not make use of door locks in any capacity. And for the most part, homeowners aren’t just looking for mere locks but door lock system that provides maximum protection.
If you care about security and want to install the right locks on your residential doors, here are 3 common lock system often used in residential settings.


Deadbolts are one of the most secured door lock types out there. A typical deadbolt has a thick and heavy latch that extends deeper into the door frame. Deadbolts are used to secure exterior doorways where security is of concern. A deadbolt lock can be either a single cylinder or double cylinder. The difference between the two is that the double cylinder deadbolt has a keyway on both sides, whereas the single cylinder has a keyway on one side.
Finding the key to unlock a door from the inside in case of an emergency could limit the chances of escape. Therefore, the single cylinder, having a keyhole on the exterior, is used mostly in residential settings as it helps easy egress. 

Door Knobs

Door knobs are installed mostly on interior doors. Based on the application, door knobs can be an entrance, privacy, passage, and dummy knobs. However, a door knob is not recommended for solitary use on entry doors as it buckles easily when exposed to force. A burglar can literarily bang the knob and compromise the lock. If you ever see a door knob sitting on an outside door, it is either there serving a decorative purpose or used alongside a deadbolt. 
While some have keyway for entrance, door knobs are still not something worth putting on an entryway.

Cylindrical Lever Lock

A cylindrical lever lock is a type of lock used for residential interior doors in place door knobs. As the name suggests, the lockset has a lever on either side to retract the latch. One of the advantages offered by this lockset is an easy installation. However, cylindrical locksets are not the right option for exterior doors just like door knobs. They can be attacked and bypassed by an intruder without putting up much of a fight.

Electronic Locks and Smart Locks

Some door knobs, cylindrical locks, and deadbolts come with electronic or smart functions. Unlike their traditional counterparts, smart and electronic locks provide more features and control. An electronic lock relies on the assistance of an electric current to engage the lock, while smart locks use wireless communication for their operation. 
For example, smart locks can be controlled via a mobile app, home automation systems, and other connected devices. While electronic locks aren’t “smart,” they often feature a push-button for code entry.

Need Help Choosing the Right Lock for Your Home?

It’s best to seek professional locksmith help when you’re trying to choose the right lock for your home. This is because there are a plenty of locks with different protection levels.
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