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Signs Better Security is Needed

Do you need better security at home or at your business? If so, how can you tell? Was there a rash of break-ins or burglaries recently? Did a customer or neighbor tell you of an incident? Maybe you’ve seen a newspaper story about the rise in crime in your neighborhood, or you might have noticed police cars with flashing lights at a house down the street. Maybe you are not quite feeling as secure as you’d like or have been used to. You might even be wondering if better security is needed and if so, how much or what should you add?

Are there signs?
The question is; do you need better security? There may be signs that you do, or maybe you just have a feeling in your gut that tells you to do something. You are welcome to call our Birmingham Locksmith shop and discuss your fears, ideas or security ideas with our technicians. If you don’t live here in the Birmingham, AL area, you can confidently call a full service locksmith shop in your locale and check with them about your security situation.

So, are there signs that you need better security? Yes and no. That also depends on what you consider a sign. Signs can be obvious like seeing those police car flashing lights at your neighbor’s house or they can be ever so subtle like an uneasy feeling when it’s time to return to your neighborhood. Even strong signs do no good if they are not noticed or heeded. For instance, there was a social media video that went viral recently showing an elderly couple leaving their home. Their security cameras captured the moment and recorded it for all to see. You can plainly see the couple exiting their home through the front door. They exit one by one and lock the door want walk to their parked car in the driveway. What they do not notice is the presence of a large bear just a couple of feet to the right of them. The bear did not attack them but stood silently by and watched them the entire time. Our point is that the couple was blissfully unware of the bear’s presence and while nothing bad happened, it could have! Being aware of your surroundings and being able to recognize signs of needing better security are important as often we don’t get second or third chances!

Notice anything unusual?
Be aware but also be sure to notice anything out of the ordinary or unusual. This might include strange people or cars in front of your house or in the neighborhood. How about any boxes, backpacks or packages that were not there before or that look out of place? Even a mailed letter that looks, feels, or smells ‘different’ can be a warning sign. Don’t become paranoid and ever frightful; that is not our goal here! We want you to develop a sense of ‘normal’ and ‘unusual’ so that you can learn to tell the difference.

Deadbolt locks
Do you have a deadbolt lock on your front door? If so, use it! If not; get one! A strong deadbolt that is correctly installed can make a huge difference in your security. Once again, you must use it for it to make a difference but if a burglar picks or somehow bypasses your first and main lock, your deadbolt will now present a problem for him. Does he or she take the time and effort to bypass this lock too? By doing so, will this give you, the homeowner, more time to call the police or arm yourself? Is this particular house really worth the risk?

High security locks
These solidly built steel locks are another useful hardware tool for your security arsenal. You can’t bypass these amazing locks by any conventional means. You can’t pick them open or pry them open either. They are built of solid steel parts and constructed in such a way that they can’t even by smashed or shot open by intruders. Surprisingly, they are not expensive to purchase or install so be sure to contact a trusted residential or commercial locksmith in your town for more details!

Rekey your locks
One of the smartest things you can do to bolster your security at home or at your business is to have your locks rekeyed. When you have this locksmith task done, your original lock stays put. Your emergency locksmith will alter the inside of the lock by replacing the pins and springs with new ones. You will not be able to use the original keys afterwards. That is the point. All old keys are now useless and this gives you a fresh start when it comes to key distribution. Give out new keys only to your trusted contacts. These can include roommates, family members, neighbors, children and spouses. All older, previously held key copies that remained in the hands of realtors, builders, property managers, relatives, neighbors, delivery persons and others are now useless.

Don’t be fooled
Don’t be blinded by the idea that crime does not happen in your neighborhood. Strongly believing this can dull you to the fact that it does indeed happen everywhere. Crime happens in ‘bad’ locales as so many burglars, drug addicts and homeless people live there. Problem people tend to live in problem areas of town but that doesn’t mean that nicer, cleaner and more expensive neighborhoods are immune. Family issues, drug problems, domestic disputes and drug problems happen there, too. Also, there is more to steal and what is there consists of better quality goods.

Use your locks!
Your home or business locks are not there for decoration or for emergencies. Well, they might be but mainly they are installed and meant to be used on a regular basis. Don’t be ashamed or hesitant to apply your locks when at home or when retiring for the night. This is especially true for front and back doors and the door leading into your house from your garage. Good habits are learned by doing and by repetition so lock your doors on a regular basis!