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Single Entry Vs. Double Entry Doors

As a homeowner, many considerations run through your mind when it comes to home improvement. From painting, expansion to improving the interior decor. Sometimes, the front doors are neglected. Don’t you think that revamping the front entry will make the outside of your home look more attractive and cozy? Yes, it is a good idea to upgrade your single entry front door to double entry because it comes with many benefits. Apart from being stylistically impactful, the double-entry door gives more value to your property. Here are some of the reasons to consider upgrading your front door to double entry doors.

Recreate a particular architectural style with double-entry locks

Double entry locks give unique aesthetic looks to your front doors when you allow an experienced professional to handle the installation. If you are prepping your house for a potential sale, it is good to booster the looks by installing double entry locks. In many opinion polls, some buyers prefer to submit bids to houses with double-entry locks. So you will miss out on many opportunities if you don’t have one on your property.

 Even when you are not interested in property sales, the installation of fashionable double entry locks makes you the talk of the neighborhood whenever you invite guests for a home function.

Homeowners with wide interior access walkways should not think twice about installing double entry locks because it adds distinctive curb appeal to their front doors.

Unique style and materials

The versatility of double doors brings on luxury and grandeur to your front doors. You can opt for doors made of a variety of materials ranging from quality wood, fiberglass, or coated steel. Having doors made of quality materials makes your doors withstand weather changes, resist damage, and last longer.

You can get double door sizes that range from 74’’ by 82’’ to 100’’ by 82’’ and anywhere in between. The larger the size of these doors, the more curb appeal they add to your home. These doors are grandiose and should be high on your must-buy lists. However, while making your decision, consult with the experts at Birmingham Locksmith Pro for lasting installation services.

Double entry locks are worth the expense

Look beyond the obvious dollar amounts when considering the installation of double entry doors. You will enjoy a lot of benefits in the long run when compared with having a single entry. With a glass panel style double entry door, much light and ventilation can enter your living space as you can create a larger access point to your property.

Double doors bring out the ‘wow factor’ of your home as they make an impression about your personality to passersby and guests. If cost is your challenge about installing double doors, consult our experts, we can factor in different things to give you a competitive price point.

Let us help make your entryway classy and attractive

If you are interested in adding to your home’s aesthetic highlight or improving the curb appeal of your property, the experienced locksmith at Birmingham Locksmith Pro can help. We will provide you with plenty of door aesthetics to choose from and also reduce the installation costs. Call us today to learn more.