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Smart Locks That You Can Unlock With Your Smartphone

A lot has changed about door locks since their inception. This evolution is not only about their design or ‘beauty’ but it involves their features and functionalities. 
This is because modern users are always on the lookout for products that will make their life easier and property more secure, lock manufactures have to keep innovating to maintain their relevance in the consumer market and to keep their customers happy.
One of the advancements in lock design is smartphone control integration. With this type of lock, you can engage and disengage the lock, monitor entry logs, and do more with your mobile device. If you’re looking for door locks with smartphone controls, then we have three products you might find their features useful for your needs.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

You need the Schlage Sense app, which is available on both iOS or Android, to enjoy smartphone control of this deadbolt. Through the app, you can unlock or lock the device literarily from anywhere in the world as well as view access logs, manage codes, and set locking schedules.
Because connecting the app and lock requires an internet connection, you’ll need to add a separate Wi-Fi hub to the setup. Apart from smartphone locking and unlocking, other desirable features of the lock include an alarm system and Apple Home devices support for voice control.

August Smart Lock

This lock from August is not a replacement for your existing single-cylinder deadbolt but an add-on to make the deadbolt smart. And the lock is installed to replace the thumb turn on one side of the lock. With the August Home app paired to the lock, you’ll be able to unlock the door by making a few taps on your phone. Via the mobile app, you can create access codes for those you trust. You can also view access logs to keep track of those going in and out of your home. By investing in August connect Wi-Fi bridge and adding it to the setup, you can connect the lock to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant for voice controls.

Kwikset Kevo 2nd Gen Deadbolt

This deadbolt features a keyway on one side of the lock and a turn piece on the other side. To disengage the lock, you’ll need to tap it as long as your smartphone is on you and with its Bluetooth enabled. To control the device in and out of the home requires including the Kevo Plus Wi-Fi hub (sold separately) to the setup. There’s also an option to use an eKey or a Kevo fob for unlocking the lock you aren’t with your smartphone or physical key.

Being able to control door locks with the use of smartphones is a feature many found desirable. This function provides modern users with easy access to their property. If you want to get a new lock and you’re looking for recommendations, the service experts at Birmingham Locksmith Pro will be delighted to assist. Our service professional locksmith experts are also available to help you install any type of lock. Just contact us to find out how we can help.