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Summer Locksmith Tips

Summer Locksmith Tips

Birmingham Locksmith Pro is committed to keeping our community a safe place. In addition to offering locksmith services, we like to share tips and guides on how you can protect your property from thieves and burglars. The summertime is, for most people, a time to relax and go on vacations. Unfortunately, lawbreakers are also aware of this tradition and will make rounds to find targets to break into. We have put together a small list of locksmith tips so that you can enjoy your summer without worrying about coming back to a home with missing or damaged property.

Keep Your Eye on The Doors and Windows

It is common to crack open a few windows during the summertime to let in some fresh air. Also, the doors are opened and closed regularly as the kids come in and out. When you are going to head out of the house for a long period of time, be sure to check and lock all of the doors and windows. Whereas in the wintertime only a couple of doors and windows are used, the summertime often sees almost all of them used. Create a habit of either limiting the number used or being mindful of which are open or unlocked. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your property vulnerable to burglary and theft.

Secure Your Valuables in A Safe

We tend to have more guests during the summer than during any other season. The kids might have friends come in and out to play. Hide small or medium sized valuables or keep them in a safe. Valuable possessions lying around the house might tempt people or catch the eye of thieves. It’s also an added layer of security. Even if an intruder makes it inside your property, hidden valuables should be safe from the intruders’ grasp.

Make Arrangements When You Leave on Vacation

If you are headed away for a long period of time, make arrangements to discourage potential thieves. Criminals will target homes that they believe are empty. Some home security systems can be operated remotely or scheduled to turn on lights at specific times of the day. Further, cancel home deliveries or ask a neighbor to regularly collect the mail to give would-be-intruders the impression that the house is occupied.

Set Up Motion-Sensor Lighting

Potential burglars do not want to be spotted, obviously. They will likely plan their intrusion during the night when it is dark. Motion sensor lighting can scare away criminals before they get a chance to get close to your property. Combining these lights with video cameras will give you a security system that should prevent a large share of break ins.

Contact Your Local Locksmith

Birmingham Locksmith Pro and other professional locksmiths are able to assess your home’s security to identify weak links in your system. Call Birmingham Locksmith Pro if you would like to schedule an appointment with a certified locksmith and get a peace of mind. Our professionals are qualified and helpful experts ready to assist.