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The Best Smart Lock For Door In 2022

In the past, locks and keys were totally mechanical. However, with technology evolution, homeowners and business owners can secure their property with the cutting-edge technology in smart locks.

Smart locks do more than allow you to unlock and lock your residential and commercial doors quickly, they are part of access control systems. As a result, you can manage who has access to your home or office when you are away. If you want get rid of surfing a bunch of keys to unlock your doors and improve the overall security of your property, you should contact Birmingham Locksmith Pro for smart lock installation.

Smart locks can be controlled through a variety of ways such as a pin code, biometric, or a smartphone.

In this post, we will look at 2022 top 6 best smart lock for your door.

Wi-Fi Smart Locks

The door open-close sensor and the retrofit lock in a Wi-Fi smart lock provides additional layer of security that traditional deadbolts cannot offer. Also, with this kind of lock, you don’t need to purchase a connect module to activate smartphone remote access because of its in-built Wi-Fi technology.

Bluetooth Smart Locks

If you want total control of your lock not depending on internet connection, then call a skilled locksmith to install a Bluetooth smart lock on your door. Bluetooth wireless protocol is usually between 25 feet and 35 feet. This implies that your smartphone needs to be within range to lock and unlock your door.

Combination Smart Locks

Combination locks, otherwise referred to as keypad locks require a code to gain access to your property. Setting a custom access code is an easy process as most smart locks come with guides on how to do so. A combination lock could have physical buttons or a touchscreen that allows you to enter your access code.

AI Smart Locks

Some smart lock use AI technology in connected smart home devices to determine who to grant access into a property. Such locks allow you to use Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit to unlock during emergencies.

Induction Card Locks

This kind of lock is commonly used in hotels, commercial spaces, flats, and community access control. Induction car locks are armed with management systems that are made up of 5 parts. These parts include; the controller, computer, door lock, front desk management card reader, and proximity card.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks would only grant access to the person with a registered fingerprint. This access can be controlled to restrict unqualified employees from accessing areas with sensitive information. Depending on your preference and budget, you could get biometric locks enabling 50 fingerprints. But commercial spaces should invest on the average products allowing 100 fingerprints and more.

Final Thoughts

You will need to conduct a research to determine the kind of smart lock that suits your need. Investing on this kind of lock is easy and super convenient. Call Birmingham Locksmith Pro if you want quick and reliable lock installation, repair, and maintenance services.