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The Evolution of Porsche Keys

The Evolution of Porsche Keys

Porsche owners are often passionate about their ride. And if you are one of those privileged to drive a Porsche, we feel you might be excited to learn more about what the past and more recent Porsche keys look like. Just in case you are experiencing problems with your Porsche key or ignition system, the experts at Birmingham Locksmith Pro can help you. Find out more about how we can help you by putting a call across to us today.

The Inception of Porsche Keys 

The first key from Porsche was used on the Porsche 365 model that was initially manufactured between 1948 and 1949. The key had the brand name, “Porsche” etched into on the head. In terms of design, it shared a resemblance with most traditional keys used in residential and commercial settings today. But what stood out from the design is that the ridges on the keyblade seem to be on the opposite side when compared to a typical traditional key. 
Also, the key was just a metal piece without a plastic base, meaning it lacked the premium appeal that more recent traditional Porsche keys have. But at least, the key had a little hole on its head to attach a key ring. For the first car in the Porsche 911 series, nothing changed in terms of the key design. The initial Porsche 911 key looked just like the one made for the Porsche 365.

The Porsche G Model Key

Between 1973 and 1989, Porsche brought out the G model, which made use of a mechanical key that featured a plastic head and integrated LED courtesy lighting. Also, the key had cuts on both sides. This particular feature lets the key be inserted into the ignition in either orientation. However, Porsche wasn’t the pioneer of this improvement. The first double-sided key was much earlier produced by Ford in the year 1986. Other Porsche cars such as the 964 model made use of the key too.

Porsche Remote Function Enabled Keys    

Starting with the Porsche 993, Porsche keys began featuring remote control technology just to unlock and lock the vehicle. The same Porsche 993 key also featured an integrated engine immobilizer function. Another remote enabled key from Porsche was the 996 model. It made use of a classic remote key that can operate the convertible top and open the hood. Something worth mentioning about the key is it had a winding cut on the metal part. Then, side-winding keys provide more security as they are difficult to replicate. Duplicating them will require access to specialized machinery.

Recent Porsche Keys

As other carmakers keep improving on their key design, so does Porsche. For example, the remote function enabled key manufactured for the Porsche 997 has an impressive plastic head design compared to its predecessors and featured advanced encryption technology that offers more security.
The current key for the Porsche 991 model is a smart key system that had the entry & drive function. With this smart key on a driver, perhaps in their pocket or somewhere in the vehicle, the driver can lock and unlock the doors and start the car without a physical key.

These are just a few highlights of the Porsche key evolutions. There are other Porsche cars and key variations in between the ones covered. But we hope this resource helped you to have an idea of what Porsche keys looked like in the past. If you drive a Porsche, call us the moment your car develops a lock or key issue. At Birmingham Locksmith Pro, we have licensed, insured, and bonded car locksmith in Birmingham AL who can handle any key-related Porsche problems and that of other luxury cars. Just call us to find out what our automotive locksmiths can do for you.