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Things to Consider Before Getting Your Bathroom Door Lock

Bathroom door locks are one of your home's most important security features. While many homeowners may not give much thought to the lock on their bathroom door because they assume a bathroom holds no value, securing your door lock correctly is something that should be taken into consideration.

Bathroom door locks are not like front door locks that prevent burglars from getting in. However, it ensures privacy by preventing people within the house from entering accidentally. In this article, we will take a look at five security considerations for getting bathroom door locks.

Security Considerations for Bathroom Door Locks

  • Security Level

Locks on bathroom doors are more for privacy than security. Therefore, using a bigger, stronger lock isn't always necessary. A reliable lock that fits your needs is more important than one that is impenetrable. A simple push-button or thumb-turn privacy lock may be your best option, depending on your decision. Ultimately, your choice will depend on where your bathroom is located and who uses it most often.

  • Preferred Privacy Level

The purpose of bathroom door locks is mostly for privacy. The locks on your bathroom doors are not intended to provide security. You should not consider the security of your bathroom door locks in terms of your safety. Your bathroom door likely has a hollow core, which means it is not designed to protect you. Your priority should be the level of privacy you want.

You want to ensure that the degree of privacy effectively keeps everyone out. If someone inadvertently unlocks the bathroom door lock, you most likely would want your door to remain locked. Discreet locks are ideal for preventing small children from locking themselves in a hazardous home area while providing adults some peace.

  • Locking Simplicity

One of the most crucial aspects of bathroom door locks is ensuring that the locking mechanism is easy enough for everyone to use; this is important if you live with elderly or disabled folks. It is easy to get locked inside the bathroom if the bathroom door locks are difficult to operate. This may be a reason to avoid nonstandard bathroom door locks that are not as intuitive or straightforward to use. You want bathroom door locks that will not put anybody at risk or expose them to danger.

  • Emergency Access

The bathroom is the space in your house where you are most prone to having an injury.  Nevertheless, given the prevalence of bathroom-related accidents, your bathroom door locks must have a means for emergency access.Your method of entrance in an emergency should be less violent. It should depend exclusively on bypassing the locking mechanism for the door handle to turn as it would when unlocked. Breaking down a bathroom door lock where someone may have fallen to the floor can be dangerous. You risk hurting anybody in the door's path with forceful entry as it collapses or swings open.

  • Durability

Bathroom door locks that do not function properly can seriously threaten your safety. Bathroom door locks must work reliably by locking correctly or opening as well as they should. Components of durable bathroom locks are made of solid metal and are readily serviced. They are less prone to break if made of sturdy material with fewer moving components.


Purchasing a bathroom door lock should be driven more by safety than security concerns. A bathroom door lock should prevent somebody from walking in, not provide security against an intruder. If you need help with making the right lock decision for your bathroom or lock repair, Birmingham Locksmith Pro is just one call away. We also provide door lock installation services and can come to you any time of the day in case of an emergency.