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Things You Can Do to Make Your Home Safer

Home burglaries are on the rise and every homeowner is looking for ways to protect their property from break-ins. As a homeowner, you are concerned about your home and will do anything to protect it. That is why we came up with this informative article to help make your home safer. Let’s dive right in. 

Replace Locks Regularly

Locks are susceptible to degradation due to age and other natural conditions. Statistics have also shown that burglars tend to break in through the front and back doors. Therefore, replacing or upgrading your locks regularly will help reduce the chances of home break-ins.

Another way to add an extra layer of security to your doors is to install a deadbolt lock in addition to your normal lock. Though it might look absurd having two locks on your door, your security will be better. We recommend using deadbolts because they have a complex mechanism that makes them harder to pick and they discourage burglars from breaking in.

Install Security Systems

To effectively protect your home, opt-in for one or more of the various security systems to reduce the chance of burglary. 

Getting a security alarm installed is one of the ways to make your home safer. Whenever there’s an intrusion or someone trying to break in, the alarm goes off which alerts you, your neighbors, and informs the cops that there’s a security breach.

We also recommend you invest in security cameras. With security cameras installed in your home, you can record every activity going on around the house and also serve as a deterrent for burglars as they’re scared of leaving any trait behind. Although these security systems may be quite an investment, it’s totally worth it. 

Exterior Lights 

Burglars often operate in the dark where no one can see them. That is why experts recommend you install exterior lights around your house. If you are working on a budget, get the lights that work monotonously. Though your neighbors may complain about its brightness and you will have to pay more in bills, it is still worth it.

For a one-off investment, go for motion-activated lights. They only come on when there is movement around the area. Whatever you opt-in for, having exterior lights around your home is a great way to protect your home.

Keep Your Windows Covered

Most burglars survey their prospective homes before carrying out their burglary operations. They may stroll around your home or peep through the windows to mark out where the valuables are kept. Make sure to keep your windows covered to prevent prying eyes. Also, teach the children and other relatives to cultivate the habit of keeping the window blinds shut at specific times. In case you have larger windows that make it difficult to close the window blinds, go for motorized window blinds that can be controlled by remotes. 

There is no doubt that burglaries are on the rise, try to take these measures and have a lesser chance of being burgled. Lastly, remember to inform trusted neighbors to be on the lookout whenever you are away for vacation. If you need any help with your home security system, call the skilled locksmith at Birmingham Locksmith Pro. We provide a wide range of services including lock change and emergency lockout services.