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Tips For Garage Door Security

Every house is only as secure as its most vulnerable entry point, which in most cases, it is the overhead garage door. Some homeowners install burglar-proof front doors and secure them with strong locks; however, they fail to pay the same attention to the security of their garage door.

Your garage door is one of the weakest security links in a home, and it is often the most vulnerable entry point for burglars. Surprisingly, many homeowners ignore garage doors when evaluating the security of their homes. This article highlights a few tips to help you secure your garage door and keep your home safe.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Burglars take advantage of the nighttime when everywhere is dark, and movement around the house can go unnoticed. Installing motion sensor lights would help ward off lurking burglars. Motion sensor lights are a good option since you may not always be awake to switch on the light at every sound of movement. The motion sensor light is most times enough to startle and frighten burglars when it turns on suddenly.

Do Not Leave Your Garage Door Remote In Your Car

Many people like the convenience of keeping their garage door remote in their car; they can easily reach it when they pull up to the driveway. They do not have to bother about misplacing the remote. Unfortunately, thieves know this and always scan parked cars for your garage remote, making it easy to break into your house without force. Keep your garage remote in a key holder, especially the one that has your car keys.

Install A Deadbolt On Doors Leading To The Garage

If your garage has a side door that leads to your home, consider enhancing the security of your home by installing a deadbolt on the door. This way, even if a burglar gain entry to your garage, the door to your home would keep the thief away from stealing your belongings. All side doors must be safely secured. If they are not as strong as the front door, then the idea of securing your home is defeated. Install deadlocks and kick stop devices to all side doors.

Close Your Garage Door

Closing your garage door is the most obvious tip. At least everyone is expected to close their garage door. Unfortunately, some burglaries occur because someone forgot to shut the garage door before leaving. If you struggle to remember things and often fail to close your garage doors, you can install an automatic garage door closer to help you always shut the door.

The Right Time to Secure Your Garage is Now!

Securing your garage doors does not have to be expensive. While smart technologies are efficient, it does not mean other cheaper security options are less effective. Simple tips like shutting your garage doors, being vigilant, and using traditional locks can go a long way in ensuring the security of your garage and, by extension, your home.

If you need help determining the best security option available for your garage doors, you can trust Birmingham Locksmith Pro. Our expert locksmiths also provide lock replacement, repair, and installation services for those emergency days when you need a quick fix. Contact us today.