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Top 5 Ways To Avoid Parcel Theft

Parcel theft is a common situation that happens most times. You can order a parcel today and in the blink of an eye, it gets stolen. With the increase in online purchases in recent times, neighborhoods and apartments are exposed to thieves. Stolen parcels will cost you money, energy, and time so it is necessary to ensure you prevent your packages from getting stolen.

In this article, you will learn how to prevent parcel theft. You will also know how to easily avoid parcel theft by changing delivery addresses and adopting security measures within and outside your home.

Get a P.O Box

This is the easiest way of preventing parcel theft. It is safer to have your packages delivered to a P. O Box than to your home address where they may be left unattended. Opting for a P.O. Box is also a good option if you intend to go on a vacation. That way you do not need to stop the mail or be scared of theft since it is safe and always available for pickup during work hours.

The only snag with this option is that you cannot deliver all packages to the P.O. Box. You cannot use this method to receive Items like a new couch or TV. So with smaller packages sending it to a P.O. Box will do the trick.

Send to a Different Location

You can have your package delivered to your workplace, which is a safe zone where parcel theft is almost impossible. If you have a trusted friend or neighbor, you can also have it delivered to their home so you will be sure it is safe.

Install CCTV Cameras

What better way to prevent parcel theft than by installing CCTV cameras on your porch? Most times, when a thief knows that there is a CCTV camera on your porch they will reconsider their plan to steal your parcels as no one wants to be caught stealing on camera.

Install Smart Locks

Some smart locks have cameras that give you a clear view of your porch so you can catch a parcel thief in the action. Smart locks also come with a feature that lets you give access to the delivery person. With this feature, you can unlock the door with codes from anywhere to allow the delivery person to drop the parcel inside the home. This helps when you're not at home.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a thief's worse nightmare. Motion sensors can activate alarms to let your neighbors and even the entire street know the presence of an intruder. It can also turn on the lights so you can see the face of the thief clearly from the CCTV cameras.


There are ways to secure your parcel from thieves. From redirecting them to a different location to improving the security on your porch. If you are interested in improving the security in your home and on your porch, then contact a professional locksmith from the Birmingham Locksmith Pro. We install all types of locks including CCTV cameras, motion sensors, smart locks, and other home security systems.